7 Ideas for Fall Makeup to Wow Throughout the Season ...

Fall is the best season for fashion and holidays, and I love to rock stunning fall makeup. It is so fun to play with trendy fall colors and create different fall looks. 'Tis the season for bold eyes and lippies! Continue reading for some ideas for a gorgeous fall makeup look that you can rock this season.

1. Subtle Eyes and Red Lips

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My favorite, most classic fall makeup look (that actually works anytime of the year), is the classic subtle eyes and red lip! For a subtle eye, you can simply apply a wing liner with no shadow, or you can apply a cream shade and a soft brown transition in the crease with some mascara. The focus of this look is the lip! Apply a red lip liner and your favorite red lipstick and you are all set for this look! It’s fun and easy for those who like to accentuate their lips more than their eyes.

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