7 Tips for Wearing Coloured Mascara ...


How to wear coloured mascara: this knowledge can instantly add a ‘wow’ factor to your look. Despite having a reputation as one of those tacky makeup fads of the 80s and 90s, coloured mascara has been popping up on the runways in recent seasons. It can be a fun way to incorporate colour into your makeup routine. Coloured mascara can be tricky to master so I’m all for the idea that the more tips on how to wear coloured mascaras, the better. Check out the following wearing coloured mascara how-to.

1. Assess Your Eye Colour

One of the key tips in pulling off the coloured mascara look is to choose a shade that complements your eye colour. Generally speaking, purple shades suit brown and green eyes, blue and yellow-based shades look great with blue eyes, and green shades work well with hazel eyes. This is definitely one of those things you have to consider when it comes to how to wear coloured mascara successfully.

Choose Complementary Colours
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