9 Tips on How to Apply Blush ...


9 Tips on How to Apply Blush ...
9 Tips on How to Apply Blush ...

How to apply blush properly and so you don’t overdo it isn’t easy! When I was in my teens, I used never learned how to apply blush properly and now, when I look back? It’s horrible! So, with that in mind, let’s get out our blush brush and learn how to apply blush the right way so it looks beautiful!

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Choose the Right Color

Blush is something that should be subtle. Most of the time, people shouldn’t even be able to tell that you’re wearing blush. The color is VERY important when it comes to learning how to apply blush, after all, you don’t want to choose the wrong color right? To determine the color that will look best on you, take a trip outside in the cold. Stay out there for a few minutes then walk back in and see what color your cheeks are. That is the color that is going to look most natural on you!


Choose the Right Brand

The brand is also important. After all, there are brands out there that are a little on the cheaper side and might not be as good quality. You also want to decide if you want to choose a mineral based blush or not. For me, Covergirl and L’Oreal are my favs. What are some of yours?


Define Your Facial Shape

Did you know that there are actually different ways on how to apply blush based on your facial structure? Well, until I started writing this article, I had no idea! You might want to figure out the shape of your face before you start to apply the blush.


Gel or Powder?

Gel or powder is always the first common question people have when they are in the market for a new blush. Well ladies, it’s all up to you. Are you looking for the blush to be a little more defined? Are you looking for it to be more subtle? Gel is typically bolder while the powder form is a little more subtle.


The Ideal Brush

The brush matters! When you are first learning how to apply blush, you want to make sure that you’re using the right brush. The brand doesn’t matter so much, but as long as you’re using a blush brush, you’re good!



Just like any other makeup, you want to make sure that your skin looks beautiful! This means that you’ll have to moisturize it up! For me, Philosophy’s creams are the best!


Use a Cotton Ball

Now, you might be thinking that this is only for the gel form of blush right? Nope! You can actually apply your blush onto the apples of your cheeks and then make the appearance that much more subtle by dotting it with a cotton ball. Believe me! This is one of those learning how to apply blush tricks that a lot of people don’t know!


Add Some Shimmer

Shimmer on your cheeks is awesome! It makes your entire face stand out and gives you a glow. One tip if you are planning on applying some shimmer to your cheeks, don’t over do it. Some blushes actually have shimmer built in, which works great!


Never Blush Underside of Cheekbones

Now that you’ve learned all about how to choose the right blush, brush and some tips on how to apply, this is the do not do. Do not apply any blush to the underside of your cheekbones. It actually gives a negative appearance and typically looks very unnatural. Just apply to the apples of your cheeks and I promise, you’ll look beautiful!

Learning the ins and outs of how to apply blush is easy once you get it! Just remember these tips and tricks on how to apply blush and I promise, your makeup will turn out beautiful! So ladies, what other tips do you have to share? Give ‘em up!

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