7 Tips for Wearing Glitter Makeup ...


7 Tips for Wearing Glitter Makeup ...
7 Tips for Wearing Glitter Makeup ...

Pulling off the glitter trend can be a little tricky, but with these 7 tips for wearing glitter makeup, you’ll be rocking it with ease and confidence. Glitter is no longer just for little girl dress up - in fact, it’s a trend nowadays! Now of course, it’s not for everyone... But if you’re looking to have some fun with wearing glitter makeup, keep these simple points in mind and you’ll be sure to get some great compliments.

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Beware of Glitter Overload

I decided to make this the first of my tips for wearing glitter makeup because it can be very intense, and it’s easy to get carried away. Not only is it powerful, but it can sometimes be messy or irritating when worn on sensitive areas, like eyes. So be wary of how you apply, and how much you apply - not too much, just enough. This minimal approach leads right into to my next point.


The Cardinal Rule of ONE

Keep it to one specific area, ladies. Wearing glitter eye shadow with glitter lip gloss, glitzy nails, AND body glitter can make you look... well... like you just popped out of an arts and crafts box. To avoid this, decide on the area that will be "glitterfied," (whether it’s your eyes, outfit, or shoes), and stick to it! You definitely don’t want to be looking like a walking, talking disco ball.


Try a Couple Different Options

While still keeping the first two points in mind, feel free to try all the different options that are out there! These days, glitter makeup has taken on many forms. There are eye shadows, eyeliners, glosses, nail polishes, and even scented shimmery body powders. Experiment with all the possibilities and find your favorite way to flaunt the glitzy glitter look.


Make Sure It is Appropriate for the Occasion

If you are going out to a party or a night on the town with your girl friends, then glitter makeup can definitely be a fun thing to try. But for things like business meetings, super professional surroundings, or spending time with the bf (since guys tend to dislike glitter completely), you might want to keep away from the sparkly stuff. However, glittery nail polish and lip gloss can be okay if you just want to add a little fun to your look at school, when shopping, or casual outings with friends.


Apply It Properly

When I say this, I am speaking especially for the eye area. If you are using loose glitter eye shadows, simply putting it on your eyelids without any setting agent will cause major fallout and eye irritation - and we don't want that now, do we? So spray your applicator brush in any makeup setting spray first, dab it into your glitter, and then apply it into your lid. Or better yet, try glitter gels instead of powders. Those can definitely save you some mess and hassle.


Coordinate with Your Outfit

Glitter makeup can often be a statement all by itself, so refrain from wearing too much accenting "bling" and other glitter accessories. Same goes for sparkly pieces of clothing or shoes (remember the rule of one!) If you choose a sparkly top or dress, opt for more subtle accents and makeup, and vice versa. The goal is to look glamorous and put together, and not like a hot mess of sparkles.


Touch Ups

No matter what, makeup always has a habit of wearing off or changing throughout the day. Even if you use a setting agent, glittery eye makeup will eventually find a way to spread. So stay mindful of how your makeup is holding up. Use a setting spray on your complete look as an extra precaution. Then just dust off any loose, unruly sparkles throughout the day to keep your makeup looking chic, glamorous, and in-check!

So now that I've shared these 7 tips for wearing glitter makeup, go ahead and try it out! Follow these guidelines and you too can rock the glamorous glitter look. Are there any glitter products you adore? Any other tips for wearing glittery products? Feel free to share them!

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i'm going to try a "glittery lips" look to wear to school on Monday

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