7 Tips on How to Wear Nude Lipstick This Fall ...


7 Tips on How to Wear Nude Lipstick This Fall ...
7 Tips on How to Wear Nude Lipstick This Fall ...

When looking at how to wear nude lipstick, it’s important to create a certain balance with the rest of your makeup. When done badly, a nude lip can wash out your features. If you want to know how to wear nude lipsticks correctly, it’s all about choosing the right colours and finishes. Check out these tips for how to wear your nude lipstick this fall.

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When it comes to how to wear nude lipstick, start with a smooth base. A smooth base will prevent lipstick from flaking and looking unsightly. Do this by exfoliating beforehand. If you don’t have a lip scrub, improvise with some Vaseline and a dry toothbrush. Remember to apply balm afterwards to keep lips moisturised.


Prime It

Once you’ve achieved a smooth base, you want to give something for the lipstick to stick to. Dab on some foundation or lip primer to give your lipstick a base to grip to. Then, line your lips with a colour that matches your skin tone.


The Right Colour

When it comes to how to wear nude lipstick, choosing the right colour can make all the difference. As a general guide pale skin tones should stick to soft pink and peach shades, dark skin tones are better suited to chocolate tones, and those with yellow undertones should opt for beiges like caramel and latte. If you’ve got olive skin you can generally get away with most nude colours.


The Right Finish

Stop your nude lipstick from falling flat by choosing the right kind of finish. Ideally, lipstick with a semi matte or glossy finish is the way to go. A full matte finish needs to be undertaken with caution, and avoid frosty finishes at all costs.


Warm up

Wear a peach blush to add some colour to your cheeks and to prevent you from looking too washed out. If you do think that your nude lip is causing you to look sickly, then it might be wise to reassess your lip color for a more flattering shade


Play up Eyes

A nude lip gives the perfect opportunity to play up the eyes. A smoky eye is one way of achieving a dark and dramatic look. Personally, I’d apply a flick of liquid eyeliner to achieve a 1960s inspired look.


Ask a Professional

If you’re still unsure of pulling off this look, then it’s probably best to ask a professional for help. They can help you choose the best colour as well as provide advice on application, maintenance, and seasonal trends. Simply head to a makeup counter to get started!

Nude lips are a great trend to try this fall. Just remember that when it comes to how to wear nude lipstick, the key is in getting the right shade. Do you have any tips on how to wear nude lipsticks?

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