19 Makeup Secrets to Make Your Lips Look Sexier ...

I've always wanted to learn all of the different makeup tips to make lips look bigger and sexier so I can have luscious lips Angie Jolie – I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants lips like her right? If you've been dying to find all of the perfect makeup tips to make lips look bigger, I've them all below! Everything from lip plumping gloss all the way to exfoliating your lips to make sure that they look beautiful!

1. Lip Liner

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The first makeup tip to make lips look bigger all revolves around lip liner! I know that you might not think that lip liner makes any difference but it does! You can actually make your lips look huge when you line them in lip liner. Also, lip liner can actually make your lipstick stay on so much longer and your lips look totally lush!

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