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7 Tips for Pulling off Hot Pink Lips ...

By Sophia

Hot pink lips are a fun trend to try out all year round. They’re fun and punchy for the summer months and they also do well to brighten up your fall/winter looks. Making this look work, however, isn’t without its ups and downs. As with any bright colour, perfecting the hot pink lip does involve some preparation and know-how. Take a look at the following tips for how to make hot pink lipstick work for you.

1 Prime Your Lips

Prime Your LipsBright colours can potentially bring out and exaggerate any flaws if your lips are dry and chapped. Avoid this by making sure your lips are perfectly prepped before applying your hot pink hue. Exfoliate your lips with a scrub or warm washcloth and condition with a moisturising balm prior to applying lipstick.

2 Choose Your Colour

Choose Your ColourPicking the right hot pink lipstick to suit your skin tone is one of the most important steps in pulling off this look. As a general rule, those with warmer complexions should go for a cooler toned lipstick and vice versa. Try shades on before buying to make sure that they really do suit you.


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3 Build Colour Gradually

Build Colour GraduallyWhile you may be tempted to apply all your colour in one quick slick, gradually building up colour is a smarter option. It’ll ensure a greater depth of colour as well as creating a longer lasting application. Applying a matching lip stain underneath is another tip for making your colour last longer.

4 Apply with a Lip Brush

Apply with a Lip BrushWhen applying your lipstick, build up colour gradually by using a lip brush. A lip brush will ensure you apply colour to all those tricky corners and help create a more even finish.

5 Make It Matte

Make It MatteWhen it comes to hot pink lips this season, the focus is on long-lasting matte finishes. Matte finishes tend to require a bit more upkeep as they can show up any flaws so it’s important then to make sure your lips are perfectly primed for the occasion.

6 Stick to the Bare Minimum

Stick to the Bare MinimumThe key to making hot pink lips work is to keep the rest of your makeup fairly simple. Such bright lip colours command enough attention as it is, so work a minimal look when it comes to the rest of your makeup. Keep the eyes fairly basic and bare during the day, and add some eyeliner and lashings of mascara at night.

7 Lay off the Blush

Lay off the BlushKeep the blush to a minimum or lay off it completely when wearing hot pink lips. Your lips should be the focal point of your look and overdoing the blush can detract from this. Too much blush can also lead to you channelling a less than fashionable 80s look.

Above all, wearing hot pink lips requires a certain level of confidence. If you’re wary of wearing it during the daytime, keep it as an alternative to red lips at night. Are you a fan of hot pink lipstick? What’s your best tip for working a hot pink lip?

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