7 Incredible Tips on Applying Lipstick Flawlessly ...


7 Incredible Tips on Applying Lipstick Flawlessly ...
7 Incredible Tips on Applying Lipstick Flawlessly ...

Putting on lipstick seems easy enough right, but do you want to know how to apply lipstick flawlessly? There are actually tips on ways to make your pout seemingly perfect and oh-so-pretty that you might have never tried or even heard of! Check out these 7 useful tips on creating a flawless lip look and let your lips to all the talking!

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Prime and Prep

If you want to know how to apply lipstick flawlessly, we have to begin with clean and moisturized lips! Gently exfoliate your lips with a damp cloth or if you have dry or chapped lips, apply some lip balm to have a nice, smooth canvas. There’s nothing worse than covering up chapped lips with lipstick, it’ll only accentuate the lines and cracks! Take good care of your lips, not just for superficial reasons but so they feel good too!


Pick a Tube

The next tip on applying lipstick is actually to pick a good lipstick. Get to know your lips and what formulations look good on you. We might like the look of matte lipsticks but it might not always look all that great on us. Or conversely we might hate glosses but they actually make you look quite fetching. Also, each lipstick formulas has their pros and cons like mattes being long lasting but on the dry side and creamy ones can feel nice on but you might need to reapply often.


Get in Line

Lipstick tip number three is line your lips. Now I know there are ladies out there who love lip liner and others who hate it. Some say it can make you look older while others will say it’s a must to define your lips and make them really stand out. Regardless of which lip liner school of thought you follow, there’s nothing wrong with giving it a try! Applying lip liner can help the lip color look more opaque and help it last longer!


Color inside the Lines

Now that you’ve got your favorite lip shade and formula picked out and you’ve lined your lips, the next lipstick tip is to apply your lipstick! Many ladies swear by painting on their lip color with a brush because it gives you more control over the product rather than just applying it straight from the tube. Using a lipstick brush can help you achieve a flawless application and it also helps lipstick to last longer!


Be a Blotter

A century-old or maybe even older tip on applying lipstick and make it stay put all about blotting. After you apply your lipstick, take a tissue and press it over your lips. Avoid sticking a tissue in between your lips and pressing down because it can cause your lipstick to come off unevenly. Reapply your lipstick and blot again for some long lasting lip color!


Light ‘em up

While we’re pretty much through on how to apply lipstick flawlessly, there are a few other steps you can take to ensure your lips are looking lovely. Apply a highlighter or even a creamy concealer or white pencil liner to add some brightness and definition to your face and lips. All you have to do is dab a little bit of your product of choice to the Cupid’s bow which is located on the center of your top lip. This adds a little bit of shine but really draws light to the area making lips look full and pretty!


Don’t Smoosh

The last lipstick tip for a flawless finish is to avoid smooshing or rubbing your lips together after you apply lipstick. Yeah, I know you want to blend it all together but it’s not the most efficient or tidy way to do so. Keep a small lipstick brush on hand for touch-ups or just apply it straight from the tube and try your best to avoid smooshing your lips together for a flawless lipstick finish!

Did these tips on how to apply lipstick flawlessly differ from how you learned to apply lipstick? Lipstick application can be tricky at times because if you do it a rush you can easily get in on your chin, teeth or some other place lipstick clearly doesn’t belong. Keep these lipstick tips in mind the next time you’re applying lipstick and let me know how it goes!

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