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8 Excellent Reasons to Start Wearing Lipstick ...

By Alison

Wearing lipstick is fun! If I´m feeling down or dull, I only have to put on some of my favourite red shade, and I feel great. There are lots of reasons to wear lipstick, and it´s probably the most popular item of makeup. Lipstick is great for making you feel and look good, so if you need some encouragement, here are some ace reasons to wear lipstick…

1 Variety

Have you ever looked at a lipstick range and felt bewildered at the sheer number of colours? Talking of sheer, you can buy glossy colours, moisturising lipsticks, matte lipsticks … the possibilities are endless! Taking into account the colours that suit you, there are so many options for everyone.

2 Cheerful

One of the best reasons to wear lipstick is that it´s so cheerful. Just a simple application changes your look completely. It not only makes you look good, it makes you feel good. So if you need cheering up, grab that lipstick tube and brighten up your face. You´ll feel so much better.

3 Easy to Apply

Most women find putting on lip colour a little daunting, and worry about smudging it. Don´t worry! Lipstick is actually pretty easy to apply. You need to get a decent brush though. I can tell you from experience that cheap ones are not worth buying – the hairs fall out quickly and you don´t get a good application of colour.

4 Effective

Lipstick is really effective in how it makes you feel and look. If you have a date or an interview, a subtle application of colour can really make a difference to your image. Be careful not to overdo it. The aim is to polish your look, not look like a clown who´s got lost looking for the circus!

5 Boosts Your Mood

Wearing lipstick is an amazing mood enhancer. If I´m feeling a little glum, I apply one of my favourite red shades (a stronger one for evening, and a softer shade for daytime). My lovely red lippy never fails to cheer me up! Even if I´m not going anywhere, the mere fact of wearing it makes me feel good.

6 Dramatic

Lipstick can make the most amazing difference to your face and look. The effect can be really quite dramatic. It´s probably the one item of makeup that has the most impact – even if you don´t want to apply full makeup, put on some lipstick and see the difference it makes.

7 Stunning

Wearing lipstick can make any woman look stunning. Once you find the perfect shade, you´ll love it forever for the way it brightens your face and makes you look amazing. So if you find that great shade, stock up, just in case they discontinue it (as so often happens when you finally locate that perfect lip colour!)

8 Flattering

Lipstick is flattering to most women. There are some who look great without it, and some who don´t really suit makeup, but most of us really benefit from putting on some lipstick. Look at yourself carefully both before and after applying lipstick – you´ll see the change in your face.

There are lots of great reasons to wear lipstick; it´s certainly the one item of makeup I couldn´t do without. It makes me look and feel good. If you´re not fond of makeup, get a lip palette and try it out – you may become a lipstick convert! Are you in the habit of wearing lipstick all the time, and hate to be seen without your makeup, or do you save it for special occasions?

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