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How to Breathe New Life into Your Makeup Bag ...

By Natalie

Sometimes I look at my makeup bag and think it’s so dull and boring. I often think that my night look ends up just exactly like my day look. After reading many magazines I've realized that so many drugstore and high end make up brands were feeling the same! They are now making fun and colorful types of make up to revive our makeup bags.. Here’s what’s now in my makeup bag.

1 Colored Mascara

In the 90’s I used to love colored mascara, although I did not have a makeup bag at that point. Now there are so many more colors to choose from! My personal favorite has to be light blue; it makes brown and green eyes really pop. At first I thought that exchanging my black mascara would make me look washed out, however, it really didn't... in fact it made them look more defined! For the more adventurous among us why not go for green, yellow or orange mascara?

2 Ombré Lipstick

For many many years lipstick has been used to bring a pop of color to our faces, and even famous historical figures worked this out. However, gone are the days when we just use one color... why not try the ombré effect on your lips? It can even work out in your benefit and make your lips look more lustrous and bigger.

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3 Fake Lashes

It’s all about the fake lashes for me! When I was younger I didn’t go on a night out without them. Now I only use them for special events. I suggest swapping fake eye lashes for individual lashes; they last longer and mean you don’t have to wear any mascara in the day. You even save pennies this way!

4 Shimmer

This works especially well in the winter, if you feel that your skin is looking dull and very matte. Try putting some subtle shimmer on your nose, cheekbones and chin, and it will really give you that lift that you are looking for.

5 Glitter

Normally I wouldn't go for wearing glitter, however, I’ve seen some amazing lipsticks and eye makeup that have a lot of glitter in them. So that you aren't over doing it, go for a LBD, colorful court shoes and glitter makeup.

6 Nail Varnish

In recent years there have been so many different types of nail varnish. My personal favorites have to be matte and white crackle effect varnish. It you want to go a little more subtle, go for nude. It's classic, classy, and it still looks amazing.

7 Eye Brows

This may sound odd, but eyebrows really do define your face. If you are unsure on how to shape them, there are many great tutorials online. I use an eyebrow pencil, but if your hair is very dark, grab some eye shadow and an angular brush. Invest in some clear mascara or setting gel to set them when they are complete.

No longer will your make up bag look dull and uninspiring! These are only a few ways to revive your make up bag, so why not go down to the drugstore and buy an item of makeup that you never normally would. You never know: it may end up staying there permanently. What’s your favourite reviving make up product?

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