Genius Tips to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger ...


I had to work hard to find the best ways to make small eyes look bigger. My worst features are my eyes. I wish they were wider, bigger and brighter and with long luscious lashes. I mean, I don’t want to look like Betty Boop or anything but my eyes are small, hooded and with sparse eyelashes. They’re pale grey (not even interesting) and my lashes are fair too. I have to work really hard to make a feature of my eyes using makeup and have learned a few tricks. I’m happy to share if you have similar issues. Here are my tips for making small eyes look bigger. Makeup stash at the ready!

1. Start with Concealer

First off apply your favourite concealer around your eyes. Also, lighten the skin on each side of your nose where it is darkest around the eye. We’re doing this to remove the natural shadows of your face to create a new shape to work from.

Next, It’s Matte White Eyeshadow
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