Top 8 Beauty Buys for Spring ...

By Heather

Top 8 Beauty Buys for Spring ...

Finding the right beauty buys for spring isn't easy! This is especially true with the contantly changing trends and styles. Don't worry though ladies, I've got the top beauty buys for spring right here! Spring is right around the corner, so you want to be prepared right? So take a look at the top 8 beauty buys for spring!

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Monet Colors for Your Eyes

There are tons of different eyeshadows out there, but a monet color palette is all about romance! For me, it's all about the Dior 5-Couleurs Garden Edition in Garden Pastels. It might be expensive, but these colors will help you spring into spring right away!


Curl Shaping Cream

This spring is all about ditching the straight hair and going for something a little more curly and that's where curl sharping cream comes into play! Curl shaping cream will help keep your curls bouncey and beautiful, no matter what!


Do-it-All Cleanser

We all know that some cleansers and even some foaming face washes actually leave your skin feeling too clean and even tight right? You need a cleanser that is going to leave your skin feeling hydrated and beautiful! That's what I mean by a do-it-all cleanser!


Scented Lotions

Even though there are tons of different perfumes out there, did know that a lot of the perfumes can actually be found in lotion form? This is actually a less expensive but still effective way to wear your favorite perfume! They also last a lot longer too.


Cream Blush

Blush is very big in the spring time and cream blush is going to explode this season! Especially blushes that are more pinky than the others. Sunset pink is the newest pink trending right now, so watch out for it! Personally, this is one of my favorite beauty buys for the spring!

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Red Lipstick

Spring is also all about bold looks and red lipstick is the boldest look out there! Red, patent lips are very in this spring, so ditch the shine and get yourself some awesome red lipstick! It's definitely one of the biggest beauty buys for spring that you'll find!


Wrinkle Fighting Creams

Ladies, I know that we typically try to fight wrinkles all throughout the year, but wrinkle fighting creams are going to sky rocket this spring! If you're looking for one of the top beauty buys for spring, wrinkles creams are it! So knock those wrinkles out and share what your favorite wrinkles creams are!


Lilac Nail Polish

Finally, lilac, just like sunset pink is another color that is very in this spring and the lilac nail polish is very in. So paint it up, top it with some gloss and flaunt those beautiful purple nails!

Learning the ins and outs of the beauty buys for spring is easier now that you have a guide right? Well ladies, what beauty buys for spring are you going to take advantage of this spring? Any tips you got for some hot and fresh spring looks?

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