7 Uses for Expired Cosmetics ...


7 Uses for Expired Cosmetics ...
7 Uses for Expired Cosmetics ...

Uses for expired cosmetics should not involve changing their texture or turning them into a different makeup product! I’m saying this because I came across a lot of advice that, although it may sound reasonable, suggests using expired cosmetics for DIY concoctions with a goal of making a new beauty product. Worry not, as there are plenty of other things you can do with your precious but expired stuff! So many, in fact, that you’ll probably wish you hadn’t thrown out some of the things you did. No need to beat yourself up about it, though. Check out this list of suggestions and find uses for expired cosmetics you still have or a way to get the most out of a product that’s nearing its expiration date.

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Turn a Mascara Wand into a Standalone Brush

Keep the wand of your favorite mascara (or a wand of a really fancy one you’ve decided to splurge on), wash it well and you’ll have a new makeup tool to use in many ways! If that particular wand happens to be the perfect one and you’re not ready to splurge some more to get a brand new product, use it with the mascara you currently have. All you have to do is remember to wash it well after each use and store it in a clean case. You can also use it as a brow brush or to remove clumps and separate the lashes after you’ve applied mascara. Ultimately, you can team it up with cake mascara – an old school product that does need some getting used to, yet is something every makeup junkie should try. Now that’s a lot of uses for expired cosmetics, I’d say! And we’re just getting started!


Cake Products Can Double as Body Paint

Cake products last longest, yet even that doesn’t make them safe to use on faces and eyes past their expiration date. Luckily, other areas of skin aren’t as sensitive as your eyes and cheeks, which means that you can resort to using expired cosmetics to create a realistic Halloween mask, cover bruises or drape your legs in bronzy shine. Make sure the cosmetics you’re planning to use are not expired as in smelling funny, looking funny, can’t remember when was it that you bought it, though. It should be something that’s either recently expired, nearing its expiration date or is used very little and so carefully that it probably should be bad but isn’t because there has been no bacteria around to taint it. And again, you’ll want to use these with care and only if you’re sure the product still has some life left in it.


Powders Can Be Used for Crafts

Now here’s one use for expired cosmetics all of you crafters could really benefit from! Your pigments, loose eye shadows and bronzers can prove to be a great source of fresh new ideas for those upcoming projects! Use them to create interesting designs on paper if you’re into card-making and scrap-booking or sprinkle between two coats of clear varnish to glitz up everything from wood to jewelry.


Dried up Liners Make Great Pencils

Liners that have dried up or have been too dry for your taste to begin with, and therefore used very little, can double as craft pencils or used for leaving notes on the fridge or whiteboard whenever you run out of magic marker. They are a handy thing to have around during house renovations too, because they are much softer than regular pencils and therefore great for marking rough walls. They are also very easy to wipe off of any polished or glazed surface and ideal for marking tiles or polished wooden panels. Now, I know that’s one use for expired cosmetics you won’t get to exercise as much but hey, doesn’t hurt to mention it. I’m practically knee deep in renovations since last summer and there’s tons of work yet to follow as soon as the weather gets better. Needless to say, I’ll be holding onto my old eye pencils!


Use Face & Body Cream for Lather Goods

There’s much to be said for living in a hot and humid environment! Much to be complained at, as well! Like the fact that my body and face creams tend to develop a different smell if left in the bathroom during summer. Seriously, you exchange your hard earned cash for a product that’s supposed to cover you for the next three or four months, do your best not to stick your fingers in it and discover it doesn’t smell the same way just a month into the purchase. It’s not or at least shouldn’t be bad but there’s no way in hell I’m going to put that on my face. Luckily, there are always some leather goods in need of care so cosmetics are rarely wasted. Boots, shoes, gloves, jackets, coats, my dear husband’s bike gear…you name it! All you have to do is rub the product in, let it soak in, rub off the excess and voila – as good as new!


It is important to note that expired cosmetics should never be used on the face or skin, as this can cause irritation or worse. However, expired cosmetics can be used to condition leather goods such as boots, shoes, gloves, jackets, and coats. Simply rub the product in, let it soak in, and then rub off the excess. This can help to restore the leather and make it look as good as new. Additionally, this is a great way to get the most out of your cosmetics and avoid wasting money.


Nail Polish Has Tons of Uses

Expired nail polish has tons of uses, too! All you have to do is thin it to desired consistency and the fun can start! My optician advised me to coat the rhinestone details decorating the temples of my prescription glasses with clear nail polish to prevent them from falling off. There’s one tip for using expired cosmetics that hasn’t crossed my mind before. And my BFF used a black nail polish to paint the inside of her ring, turning a regular yet texturized silver band into a really fun and, most importantly, unique accessory! But even that’s not where to story ends! Think about all those fun arts and crafts projects you could do if you recycle your expired polishes and use them with a different brush!


Recycle or Reuse and Enjoy

Inquire about companies that offer recycling service and earn even more by returning product packages after finding alternative uses for (or disposing of) your expired beauty products. Some brands offer coupons while some will even reward you with a standard-sized product of your choice! You can also find new uses for all the nice pots and compacts you don’t wish to throw away. Fancy YSL, Chanel and Dior compacts are nice enough to be kept and used as pocket mirrors and some even contain quite useful mini brushes you can wash, place in a correct slot and use with other products. Empty, clean glass jars that used to house a gel liner can be used for depotting broken lipsticks and face cream jars for storing DIY beauty products. Get creative!

Have you ever tried using expired cosmetics for anything other than practicing three pointers with a trash can? And do you ever get sad for having to throw away stuff? I absolutely love makeup yet I rarely ever get to see the bottom of anything but mascara, foundation and nude monos. What a waste!

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Nail polish makes fab crafts paints. Haven't tried it with my old eye shadows yet! Also, clear nail polish is something you need in your sewing kit rather than your male up drawer, the uses are endless. It stops pantihose from running further, stops ends of ribbons and stuff from fraying and keeps crystals and stuff in place.

Since i'm a dancer I also use bad foundation that I can no longer use on my face, on my bruises for performances. And I put hairspray on old mascara brushes that I've cleaned off, then brush in through my flyaways and baby hairs when my hair's in a bun:)

Love using nail polish to improve old bored things or the ones that lost color. For example, various hair clips - you can buy the nice design without color, then cover it with the desired color, even add other colors to part, then cover it with top-coat and you have unique hair attribute. Also, covering one colored plastic or wooden earring with thin coat gives unique designs, which cannot be repeated even if you try. Well, nail polish also helps when the water tap looses it's "hot/cold" color - refresh it with matching nail polish. Even simple paintings on paper can get some interesting effects using shimmery nail polish.

I always keep my little jars and containers that I can reuse. I recently got a tarte eye cream sample that I liked a lot and wanted to keep using but it was drying out so I cut open the packet and scraped it into one of my little jars and now I have PLENTY!

Amazing list, a few I hadn't thought of myself here! :-)

@Alletta Ferreira I also have done the clear polish thing. One thing you can do if you are a crafty person is thoroughly clean a blush brush with warm soapy water until the water runs clear. After it is completely dry use it to clean your sewing machine. Works better than those stiff bristle cleaning brushes you get in the sewing department. Natural hair brushes work the best. I prefer sable

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