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There’s nothing worse than getting up in the morning or going to the bathroom on your lunch break only to find a brand new blemish lurking on your face. Likewise, it’s pretty unsettling to have lingering acne scars on your skin. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer with them because there are lots of good ways to keep them covered up. True, some won’t get rid of the problem, but they can help keep things under wraps so you feel more confident. Try one of these next time a nasty blemish threats to ruin your day.

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Use Your Foundation Instead of Concealer

No luck with concealer? Try putting on your foundation as usual, then swipe on your blush and bronzer. Next, pat a tiny bit more foundation into the blemish on top of your blush. It matches your skin tone and helps blend the blemish.


Deflate the Spot with Ice

Ice can help take the swelling out of the blemish so that it’s less obvious. You can also use Visine eye drops to achieve the same effect. Once you have deflated the blemish, cover it as usual.


Dab on Tinted Blemish Cream

Blemish cream hides your pimples and spots, but if you choose a tinted one, you can blend the area with your skin tone while also zapping the blemish so that it goes away sooner.


Use a Tiny Concealer Brush

Using a very tiny concealer brush ensures that you get the concealer only on the blemish so that it blends into your face and the circle of product doesn’t stand out unnaturally.


Go with a Thick Concealer Product

The reason you want a thick concealer is because it provides better coverage and is more likely to stay put all day long. Use just what you need rather than globbing it on or you may wind up looking cakey.


Use Loose Powder to Set Your Concealer

When you dab loose powder over your concealer, you help set it so that it doesn’t smudge or smear during the day.


Try Mineral Zit Covering Products

Mineral products are recommended by many skincare experts because they do a good job of covering the blemish without having to use a ton of product.


Use Extra Concealer under the Blemish

If your zit is large and stands out from your face, it might cast a shadow on your face. For this reason, try dabbing extra concealer under the problem to help mask that issue.


Make Sure Your Concealer Matches Your Skin Tone

No amount of concealer is going to do you any good if it’s not the same color as your complexion. Test products to find the one that works best for your skin tone so that you can get the best coverage possible.


Press and Twist Your Concealer Brush

Makeup artists recommend any easy little trick for making sure your concealer stays in place all day. First press the concealer into your face using your brush, then give your brush a little twist. Repeat until the blemish is completely covered.


Use Your Fingers to Blend the Concealer

If you’re having trouble fully blending your concealer with a brush, use the tips of your fingers instead.


Choose a Concealer That Contains Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is one of the most powerful ingredients for treating acne, so use a concealer that contains it to both hide and heal the blemish.


Clean the Area Very Well

Before you even apply your concealer, make sure to wash your blemish to remove any bacteria and germs. Do this again when you remove the concealer at the end of the day.


Use a Yellow Toned Concealer to Counteract Redness

Yellow neutralizes redness, so it’s a good idea to find a concealer with yellow undertones to fully mask red pimples and scars.


Layer on Several Types of Concealer

If you have several issues to battle (i.e. redness and size), use a couple kinds of concealer to mask the issue.


Experiment with Products

You may have to do some experimentation to find the best concealer products for you. A bit of work and you’ll find what works best for you.


Enhance Your Other Features

Play up your other features to draw the eye away from the blemish. Got a zit on your forehead? Do dramatic eyes and lips.

How do you hide your blemishes? Will you try any of these?

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I use tinted moisturizer and the right shade of concealer. When people find out I still have acne at my age, they don't believe me. You just need to know how to cover it well.

Green primer or concealer will cover up redness

I lay off the makeup when I get a bad pimple. Why would you wanna clog up your pores with more makeup let your skin breathe sometimes

I'm really addicted to Superstay Better Skin Skin Transforming powder with Salicylic acid the stuff is beyond amazing and makes my skin so soft and fully hides pimples

I think that careful application of corn flour over your face can give the appearance of a rustic finish that all woodsmen love!

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