7 Foundation Tips to Cover Your Freckles ...


7 Foundation Tips to Cover Your Freckles ...
7 Foundation Tips to Cover Your Freckles ...

You've asked for it, ladies, and we delivered: here are all of the top ways on how to cover freckles using the makeup tips that I have below! For me, I have a ton of freckles that I used to hate! All while growing up, I was dying to find ways to cover up freckles so I wouldn't ever have to see them. Nowadays, I might love my freckles, but I did learn how to cover up freckles so they barely show at all! So – you ready to learn, girls? Let's take a look below!

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Start with Concealer

First and foremost, you want to start learning how to cover freckles up by using a bit of concealer. You can actually dab this all over your freckles with a sponge or even your ring finger, blending in very well. Your face should look practically freckle-less by the time you get done with the concealer – but it also might look a little blotchy. That's why foundation is next!


Find the Right Shade of Foundation

When you are looking for foundation to learn how to cover up freckles, you've got to make sure that you find the right shade. You want a shade that matches your skin tone completely. After all of your concealer is on, then you'll want to take a sponge and put on your foundation, blending everything together.


Powder It up

Once you have applied the concealer and foundation, the next step on how to cover freckles is to use some powder! Powder is a great way to conceal everything and to truly lock in your makeup. Remember though, you want to choose a powder that either matches your skin tone or a translucent powder, so you'll have a lovely glow.


A Little Bronzer

While you might be learning exactly how to cover freckles, you do still want to keep that summer glow about your skin. That's what bronzer is all about! Bronzer can also make your freckles disappear completely, so nobody will be able to tell that you even have any.


Add Some Blush

Another step is to pump up your blush! Adding a bit of blush to your look can completely change it! It really brings out your eyes and ensures that you look completely natural. With the blush, you want to find a color that works for your skin tone, that is the most important part!


Avoid Being Cakey

While you might think that adding all of this makeup is a lot to just cover up your freckles, you've got to make sure that you are avoiding caking up your skin. The cakey look is not attractive and it isn't natural at all! How do you avoid being cakey? Maybe use a powder that is light and airy, along with just a few swipes of bronzer and blush. There are tons of ways to avoid being cakey!


Pump up Your Lips

Finally, the last way on how to cover freckles up is to actually take the attention away from them and pump up your lips! Your lips can actually draw all kinds of attention away from your freckles and really make your face stand out. So make sure that you are using some bold colors and glossing them up!

While I personally love my freckles now, I know that learning how to cover freckles is important – especially if you hate them! So girls, what other ways on how to cover freckles do you know of? Any that I missed?

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I don't understand why people want to cover up their freckles I would love to have freckles :(

So thankful for this post!

She is very lucky to look like that ( the girl with the freckles)

There should an article about makeup looks that go well with freckles. Not hide them. They are just so darn cute!

But freckles are so Beautiful!!! :)

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