Which Make-up Will Make Your Eyelashes Look the Longest?

By Holly

When you flirt with your crush, he'll look you in the eyes. When you ask your boss for a promotion, she'll look you in the eyes. On any given day, there will be dozens of people looking at your pretty peepers, so you should make sure they always look their best. In order to make that happen, you have to pay special attention to your lashes. If you normally don't touch them, here are a few makeup tips that will help make your eyelashes look long and luscious:

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Multiple Mascaras

You don't have to stick to one mascara and leave it at that. You can buy a few different types that are meant to do different things, and then apply each of them. As long as they're all the same exact color and you don't apply too many coats to make your lashes look clumpy, you shouldn't have a problem.


The Power of Powder

You should be putting on two to three coats of mascara. In between your first and second coats, sprinkle on some baby powder to plump your lashes. It sounds silly, but it can work wonders, so you might as well test out the theory.


Rely on Your Eyeliner

You need to conquer your fear of poking yourself in the eye, because it's important that you apply eyeliner as close as you can to your lash line. That way, it'll appear like there's more hair at the roots of your eyelashes than there actually is. It's one of the easiest illusions you can pull off.


The Vaseline Queen

If you want your lashes to look longer, then you should put Vaseline on them every single night before you go to bed. The product will moisturize your dry lashes and help them become stronger. If any of them fall out, then it'll also help you grow thicker, longer ones. So after you wash off your makeup at night and put on your face cream, don't forget to add a little Vaseline to your lashes.


Girls Need Curls

Make sure you have an eyelash curler on hand, because curling your lashes can instantly make them look longer. If you're really in need of assistance, you can even buy fake lashes and apply them before you leave the house. They're tricky at first, but it shouldn't take you long to figure out how to handle them.

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Master Your Mascara

When you're applying mascara to your bottom lashes, you should try holding the wand vertically instead of horizontally. Since the lashes are so small down there and hard to reach, you should be able to do a better job by tilting the brush. Also make sure to twirl the brush when you place it inside of its container instead of pumping it. You don't want to ruin the product.


Alter Your Intake

If you don't want to rely on makeup to give you the illusion of longer lashes, and actually want them to grow, you should add more silicon to your diet. Try eating more wheat, oats, and rice. After a while, it should do the trick.

Your eyes are one of the first things others will notice about you, which is why they should always look their best. What do you do to your lashes to make them look extra long and thick?

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Perhaps, castor oil would be a good experiment. I have not seen any improvements with Vaseline. It's just like putting lard on my lashes.

I've started putting lavender essential oil in my mascara. I feel like it has helped mine become a little longer and they don't fall out as often. I would definitely recommend looking into this!

I use Younique 3d Fiber lashes😊 absolutely Amazing Lash extensions in a tube. No need for glue tweezers or fuss😊

Castor oil

Me too Karen! Younique makes me feel like im not naked when i go out!! Its easy to put on and take off.

I have used almond oil and castor oil and both equally works wonders on my hair and lashes! I would highly recommend trying out this and please don't apply Vaseline on your lashes or on your lips.

I thought using Vaseline on your lashes/eyes creates a breeding ground for bacteria to collect?

Me too Karen! Younique 3D Fiberlash is Amazing and so healthy for your eyelashes!

I usually heat up my eye lash curler with a lighter, use mascara primer, & lengthening mascaras, bur when I heat up my eyelash curler in my flat iron, that's when my eyelashes look their best & longest!