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I have terrible short stubby eyelashes. I have tried to wear false eyelashes but whatever I do, they still look, well, er… false. I even took time to find out all the best tips for applying them properly. It may not be a good look for me, but there’s no reason why you can’t benefit from the tips I learned. Here’s how to master the art of false eyelash application:

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Glue Directly onto Your Eyelids Rather than on the False Lashes

Putting glue on the eyelashes can sometimes be really tricky. In my experience, the lashes get stuck to the glue and they are hard to keep still. Try applying the glue directly on your eyelid to give you more control over where the glue goes and where your lashes stick.


Cut the Lashes into Three Sections to Make Them Easier to Handle

A great trick for putting on your lashes is to cut them into more manageable pieces. Having them cut into three sections will help to make the application as accurate as possible. Another bonus of doing this is that the glue on the inner and outer part won’t be noticeable.


Laying the Mirror down on the Table Will Give You a Better View

If you haven’t been using this trick for how to put on false eyelashes then you have to try it. Laying the mirror on the table will show you everything you’re doing so you don’t make any giveaway mistakes.


Using Tweezers to Apply Them Will Make It Easier

If you have long nails or shaky hands, then tweezers are the ideal thing to use to apply your lashes. You will get a more precise application. Hold the inner corner of the eyelash and press onto the skin for a few seconds, until the glue dries.


Understand Exactly Where to Place the False Lashes

Seeing the lash line is a dead giveaway that you’re wearing false lashes. You give yourself a more natural look when you apply the lashes under the lash line. This takes some skill though, so if you’re a novice then make sure you do your research and watch plenty of tutorials on how to achieve the perfect look. A pro tip: apply the glue on the top side of the eyelashes as you are gluing them to your natural lashes and not your skin.


Curl Your False Eyelashes after You’ve Applied Them

Blend your false eyelashes into your real ones by curling them. For best results use a heated curler.


Use Liner to Hide the False/real Lash Join

If you want to trick everyone into thinking that your eyelashes are natural then you need to hide that giveaway false lash line. To do this, paint the line where your eyelashes join the skin with black eyeliner. This way you’ll fool everyone into thinking you have naturally long lashes, and it will look great too.


A Little Mascara to Finish off Will Complete the Look

Once you have your lashes in place and you’re happy with them, apply a little mascara to make them look more natural. If your natural eyelashes are lightly colored, then this step is a must. You will blend your eyelashes together perfectly, without any giveaway that they are not yours.


Take Them off Properly to Be Able to Reuse Them

After a night out wearing false lashes, you might wake up with an eyelash stuck to your pillow or thrown on the floor. However, if you want to keep a good pair, then you have to look after them. Take care of your eyelashes by taking them off gently and placing them on the handle of a blusher brush. This way you’ll keep that perfect curve and will be able to use them again and again.


Clean False Eyelashes to Keep Them in Good Condition

When you have taken your lashes off it is very important to wash them, to keep both your lashes and your eyes in tip top shape. Soak your eyelashes in warm water in order to loosen the glue, then pull it off with tweezers. Take the mascara leftovers off the lashes by swiping a Q-tip over them. Keeping them clean will allow you to use them time and time again.

How do you get on with false eyelashes? Will these tips help?

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Most important thing I do is wait 45 to 60 seconds for the glue to thicken up and become tacky. Then the glue won't make a mess and slide off! You can buy good black colored glue from a drug store, then get cheap gale eyelashes from e.l.f. Or a dollar store!

Why use false eyelashes? Younique 3d fiber lashes cost less, look amazing and do not harm your real lashes. The glue from false lashes pull out your real lashes!

Just don't pick at them or pull at them with tweezers, because you could remove your natural lashes too.

Use a really good quality glue, I used to think that falsies were impossible to put on until I stopped using the glue that came with them. Duo is the best of the best 😍

Good ideas ,I will follow some next Time .thanks for sharing

I will try these, can't promise I'll succeed. I just usually have my husband apply them for me 😋

I've seen younique on friends and the results are spidery not feminine and pretty. Kind of sways me away from using their products.

*fake not gale, autocorrect fail

I've gotten mine done professionally and they do tend to be heavy and make you blink more, but perhaps I will try to do it myself & see if I can achieve the same results.

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