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Look Smoking Hot by Watching These Tutorials for the Perfect Smokey Eye ...

By Eliza

There’s no denying the sex appeal of a perfectly executed smokey eye. The problem is that getting it done just right is not easy. If you’re struggling to get the look down, it can really help to watch someone else do it. That allows you to see it in action and gives you step by step directions for copying the look. Here are some of the best tutorials for achieving the perfect smokey eye. Good luck!

1 Smoldering Smokey Eye

With over 3 million views, you know this one has got to be good. The video shows you how to do a fantastic and sexy smokey eye with closeup shots of all the products used to get the job done. You also get to see how to prep the rest of your face to go with the look. You are going to love this tutorial as much as I do!

2 Classic Smokey Eye Tutorial

Here’s what I love about this tutorial. Lisa Eldridge, who made the video, carries out the steps as she’s telling you what to do. She really isn’t wearing any make-up when she starts the steps so you can see what a difference each of her steps makes as she applies the make-up. This one is great for beginners.

3 Deep Plum Smokey Eye Tutorial

Who says that a smokey eye has to be charcoal or black? Not me! In this great video, you’ll learn how to get the look with a dark purple color. It’s perfect for shaking things up and creating a look that’s totally different than all the other girls will have. I love this idea for a night out on the town. Get ready for some compliments!

4 Soft Smokey Eye Tutorial

Looking for something a little more understated? Here is the tutorial for you. The girl in this video will show you how to do the look with a softness that makes it ideal for more than just going out. You can probably pull this off for a weekend wedding or even the office if you get it done right. Cool!

5 Every Day Smokey Eye Tutorial

If you get the perfect dramatic smokey eye, you might realize that it isn’t the right look for just any occasion. That’s where this video comes in. Christina Rose will show you how to get a sexy smokey eye that you can show off anywhere you go, any time of the day. Sounds great to me!

6 Emerald Smokey Eye and Double Wing Liner

Here’s a really detailed video that will show you how to carry out a really beautiful smokey eye with eyeliner. Once you get familiar with the techniques needed for a smokey eye, you can take things to the next level by adding eyeliner and trying brighter colors. Even if you decide this isn’t the look for you, you’ll have fun watching it.

7 Plum and Navy Blue Smokey Make-up Tutorial

I love this look because the two colors blend to create a perfect smokey eye with just the right amount of contour and highlighting. You can mess around with color combinations to find out which ones look best on you. You are going to love having this look in your repertoire. The compliments will definitely flow!

Don’t you just love a smokey eye? Which of these videos did you like the best?

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