Too Cool for School Makeup Tutorials to Wow Your Classmates ...


Too Cool for School Makeup Tutorials to Wow Your Classmates ...
Too Cool for School Makeup Tutorials to Wow Your Classmates ...

It’s back to school time and you’re probably thinking about how you want to look your best this year, which is a totally normal thing for a girl to do! It’s good to be armed with some inside info on what makeup looks are best for back to school. These are some tutorials to give you inspiration, tips and advice. I hope this this is your best year yet!

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The Beginner’s Guide to Makeup

Just in case you’re new to wearing makeup, this tutorial can offer you some good tips. It also covers the importance of good skincare. The healthier your skin is, the better your makeup will look. You may even find that you need very little makeup thanks to a diligent skincare routine. This tutorial will help you to give your skin the look of perfection.


A Simple Guide to Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is a category of makeup in and of itself. It’s fun and you can create beautiful looks. The trick is to learn the right techniques. These are some basic tips to help you. After you master the basics, you’ll find yourself branching out into more complex looks.


For Those Days when You’re Running Late

Who better to go to than Bethany Mota for advice? This is a bit of a combination video. It gives you tips for makeup, hair and outfit choices. You’ll feel ready to conquer rushed mornings with this tutorial. It has a lot of great inspiration in it! I enjoyed watching it and learned a couple things I’m excited to try in my makeup routine.


Back to School Beauty on a Budget

This video can give you some great tips on doing your back to school makeup when you’re on a budget. Additionally, the tips in this tutorial are totally doable. There are no complex techniques to master. It’s a guide to simple makeup that looks gorgeous without spending a lot of money. The finish is a soft, natural look that’s perfect for a day at school.


Everyone Needs a 5-Minute Face

Everyone needs a 5-minute face for those mornings that are busy or when you’re just not in the mood to spend a lot of time on makeup. This tutorial offers you a lot of great information on what you need for a 5-minute face. The result is a beautiful, fresh-faced look. The look in this video is so lovely that it makes you want to try it out even if you have a lot more than 5 minutes to spend on your makeup. It may even become your favorite way to wear your makeup.


Tricks to Look Awake when You’re Really Tired

Getting up early for school isn’t easy, especially if you stayed up too late texting your BFF. For those mornings when you’re beyond tired, this makeup tutorial can be a lifesaver. The focus is on your eyes and how to make them look bright and wide awake. It’s such a pretty look that you may decide to pull it out for more than just mornings you’re exhausted. Who can resist gorgeous eye makeup?


Be Ready for Picture Day with This Makeup Tutorial

This tutorial has a lot of great tips to get you ready for that very important day of school, picture day! If you’re hoping to look gorgeous without going overboard with the glamour then this tutorial is exactly what you need. It’s got some good hair tips too, so you’ll be totally ready. All that’s left to do is give the photographer your beautiful smile.

These are some great tutorials for back to school makeup. Which one is your favorite? What’s your daily school makeup routine?

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Love makeup it inspires confidence and originality

Applying moisturizer work from the neck up, gravity pulls down.

What's her name

It wAs an awrsome one! Can you please add some girly school mAkeup videos ! Thnkyou

Lol makeup 'gurus'. Just remember to take every product suggestion with a grain of salt, you don't know who's paying them (like covergirl or L'oreal or beauty boxes or random indie companies)

YouTube channel??

Love Michelle phan tutorial

You are your best make- up " guru" just always remember that ! You can take all the suggestions that you want , try new ideas, read all the " beauty " articles , watch the how to videos ; apply them to your own face ; practice in the mirror ! Take this idea from that article and that idea from this article plus that trick your aunt showed you along with what your niece said and put all those ideas together see what u got ! All I'm saying is common girls you know practice makes perfect and you are the BEST judge on what LOOKS GOOD ON YOU !! So it's fine to read listen watch practice try add subtract over n over again practice makes perfect and you are the BESTJUDGE FOR YOU!! I love looking at all the new stuff adding it with the old but I also love what looks best on me doesn't look best on everyone because we are all unique and so is our makeup ! Mines a little of what was popular in the 50's and 60's tips from my aunt some 80's and 2011 from my niece and some friends all mixed together to become my unique blend ! Love my make up n playing with it to!

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