7 Stunning Golden Makeup Looks for Fall for Girls Wanting Something New ...


7 Stunning Golden Makeup Looks for Fall for Girls Wanting Something New ...
7 Stunning Golden Makeup Looks for Fall for Girls Wanting Something New ...

Now that autumn is upon us, it's time to switch up our makeup routines. Instead of wearing bright summer shades, we should switch to dark autumn colors. Of course, you don't have to stick to wearing browns and blacks, because fall is the perfect time to experiment with golden makeup! If you're interested in the idea, here are a few of the sexiest golden makeup looks for fall:

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Gold Eyes and Burgundy Lips

You shouldn't be afraid of wearing burgundy lipstick. In fact, when you use gold on your eyes, dark lip colors look best. That's why you should go bold by following the advice in this tutorial. As long as you have some gold and brown shadows, you should be able to create this look without a problem.


Cranberry and Gold Fall Makeup Look

This one takes lot of products to complete, but it's oh so worth it! You should start by priming your eyes with a gold cream shadow. Then you can add a champagne shadow to your tear ducts. After that, you can apply a cranberry color to your crease, and some black shadow to the edge of your eyes. After that, it's time to move on to doing your liner and mascara.


Festive Golden Lips

Your eyes aren't the only area of your face that look good while golden. You can also make your lips that special shade if you'd like. All you need to do is use a pencil around your lips, apply a white base to them, and then add an even layer of the gold product.


Golden Goddess Makeup Tutorial

This makeup tutorial will make you feel like a goddess. After you apply your foundation and fill in your brows, you can cover your lids with a golden cream shadow. Then you can add a milk chocolate color on the outside of that golden color to really make it pop!


Deep Metallic Golden Eyes and Dark Berry Lips

This look will certainly make a statement. It's inspired by a famous picture on Pinterest, and it's actually easier to copy than you'd think. When it comes to the eyes, all you have to do is place a light brown over your crease, a darker brown on the edge or your eyes, and then blend, blend, blend. When you're finished, it's time to put on your berry lipstick!


Golden Brown Smokey Eye

Smokey eyes don't have to be black, you know. You can create a style that looks just as lovely with brown tones. If you have Urban Decay's Naked 1 Palette, then you'll already have all of the colors you need. Of course, if you don't have it, then there are plenty of other shadows you can use in place of them, which the woman in the video will mention to you.


Golden Fall Makeup Tutorial

This is another autumn look that involves dark lips and bright eyes. As long as you have enough time on your hands, the look shouldn't be too difficult to recreate. When you're all finished following the advice in the tutorial, you'll have a face fit for fall.

Fall is the perfect time to wear golds, so don't miss the opportunity! Which one of these makeup looks are you the most excited to copy?

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Zoella also has a great fall tutorial with gold eyes & berry lips

@kris it depends though. Sometimes I wear a gradient liner (pink to maroon) and I'm not trying to look natural. Though, those gold lips would take a perfect application and face to pull off

Golden lips looks VERY UNNATURAL!! The objective of makeup is to look better, not unnatural.

Ok so who in the world actually has time to do this much eye makeup before work? Not this girl!!

I mostly do #1 and #5 I LOVE DARK LIPSTICK

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