7 Reasons to Mix up Your Makeup Every Once in Awhile ...


7 Reasons to Mix up Your Makeup Every Once in Awhile ...
7 Reasons to Mix up Your Makeup Every Once in Awhile ...

If you’re not a complete makeup addict, you might view makeup as a chore or a necessary evil. That means that you’re probably not switching up your makeup nearly as often as you should be. There are a lot of different reasons you should switch out your makeup—some are for your skin’s health and some are just because it can be fun every once in a while to try something new! If you aren’t switching up your makeup, these are the reasons you should change your makeup every once in a while!

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You May Fall in Love with Another Product

Even if you love the current makeup products you’re wearing on a daily basis, you may just be surprised the products you’ll love that you may never have tried! I love sticking with my usual products as much as the next girl, but after a while, I get sick of them and want to try something new. Plus, if you really get obsessed with a certain product, you never know when it could be discontinued!


You’ll Keep Learning

It’s amazing how just adding a new product can completely teach you something new about makeup and your own makeup routine. While some products come with little tutorials that could teach you new ways to do your makeup, just adding a new product to your routine could completely change your routine and another dimension to your makeup look!


Change with the Seasons

I don’t think it’s necessarily uncommon to alter your makeup as the seasons change. You probably don’t wear nearly as many dark lipsticks in the summer as you in the winter, and the same goes for dark eyeshadows and bronzers. Your entire makeup look should change with the seasons to reflect the weather!


They Don’t Match Your Skin Tone Anymore

On the same note, your skin tone is constantly changing with the seasons as well. You probably don’t spend nearly as much time in the sun during the winter as you do in the summer. If you’re wearing a foundation you’d wear in the winter during the summertime, you’re not letting that gorgeous summer glow shine through!


They May Be Causing Your Breakouts

If your makeup has an applicator attached to it, it could be causing a lot of your breakouts. Think about it—you use a lot of your makeup to cover up zits. If your makeup has an applicator attached to it, you’re always putting the bacteria from your zits back onto your face. If you’ve had this makeup for a while, it may be time to get something new to help your face out!


If It’s Medicated, Its Shelf Life Isn’t Long

On the other hand, if your makeup has acne or zit treatment in the formula, remember that the shelf life of those products isn’t very long. Products with benzoyl peroxide have a shelf life of about 3-5 months, and while products with salicylic acid have a longer shelf life, you should probably throw it out after a year.


It May Not Be the Right Makeup for Your Skin

If your makeup is causing breakouts, infections, or allergic reactions, you aren’t using the right makeup for your skin. Keep trying out new products until you’ve found something that doesn’t irritate your skin.

How often do you change your makeup up? Let me know in the comments!

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I try n keep mascara every 2-3 months or they dry out. Powders 6months to a year. Creamy foundations 3-6 months

Very good

I love vampy,grungy makeup in the fall and winter,then in the summer and spring it's always neon,florescent eyeshadow and nude lips

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