7 ⃣ Reasons to Mix up Your Makeup Every Once in Awhile ...

If you’re not a complete makeup addict, you might view makeup as a chore or a necessary evil. That means that you’re probably not switching up your makeup nearly as often as you should be. There are a lot of different reasons you should switch out your makeup—some are for your skin’s health and some are just because it can be fun every once in a while to try something new! If you aren’t switching up your makeup, these are the reasons you should change your makeup every once in a while!

1. You May Fall in Love with Another Product

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Even if you love the current makeup products you’re wearing on a daily basis, you may just be surprised the products you’ll love that you may never have tried! I love sticking with my usual products as much as the next girl, but after a while, I get sick of them and want to try something new. Plus, if you really get obsessed with a certain product, you never know when it could be discontinued!

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