Perfect Date Night Makeup Secrets for All Girls ...


Perfect Date Night Makeup Secrets for All Girls ...
Perfect Date Night Makeup Secrets for All Girls ...

When you've got a date coming up, you want to look your best. You need your makeup to stand up to any pressures (hopefully you'll be enjoying some intimate moments!) and impress your date with how gorgeous you look. These are the secrets to achieving the perfect date night makeup …

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Keep It Classic

hair, face, person, woman, black hair, Date nights are not the time to experiment with your makeup or try anything complicated like contouring. Your date wants to see how gorgeous you are, not have your looks hidden by a pound of makeup. Keep it simple, classic and easy to apply, so that you don't panic that you won't be ready when your date comes to pick you up!


Strong Eyes or Bold Lips?

hair, face, black hair, clothing, nose, Stick to the usual rule of a strong eye or lip, but not both. So if you want a bold lip color, keep your eye makeup simple. You may find it easier to wear a simple lip color though, so that you don't get lipstick on your teeth or leave more of it on your date that on your lips! A subtle smoky eye will look great and show that you've made an effort to look good for your date.


Make It Last

face, eyebrow, hair, lip, cheek, It's worth spending a little time and effort getting your makeup to stay, even if you do keep it fairly simple. Use a setting spray to keep your makeup on your face, and stop it rubbing off on your date! You should also fix your lipstick in place, either by using a long-lasting formula or by blotting and powdering your lips.


The Eyes Have It

hair, human hair color, blond, face, nose, Make up your eyes so that they catch your date's own eyes! As suggested earlier, a subtle smoky eye will be a good look. Don't try bright rainbow colors or bold spidery lashes; you want to catch his eye for the right reason! Curl your eyelashes to make the most of your mascara.


Date Appropriate

eyebrow, face, hair, black, black hair, Also take care to choose a makeup look that's appropriate for the occasion. You should go for a more natural look if you're watching a sports game or something equally casual. If you're eating at an expensive restaurant or going to a classical concert, you'd want to have a more polished look.


Take Your Time

eyebrow, hair, face, black hair, beauty, You may be nervous about your date, especially if it's early days in the relationship. So take your time to apply your makeup; this will avoid the panic of messing it up and having to start again from scratch! Even a simple look is worth a bit of effort; you'll feel confident, and your date will love it.


Make It Fit Your Personality

hair, black hair, face, person, eyebrow, Your date is interested in you for yourself, not an idealised image of you, so make your makeup fit your personality. It's not worth trying to make yourself radically different; he wants to see you, not a ton of makeup. You want to present a more polished version of yourself; the slightly improved you, not the new you that's so different he doesn't recognise you!

Your date will appreciate that you've taken care with your appearance; he'll be flattered that you think he's worth it. You'll also feel good that you've made the effort for yourself. So have a great date - if it's the first, may it be the first of many!

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Oh, might I suggest wearing waterproof mascara & liner. Trust me- I didn't plan to shower at my BF's house, but I also didn't plan to look like Elvira either. Which I did. Waterproof from now on...

Can I come

Yes keep it classy. Don't over do! Especially on your 1st few dates.

Don't forget to remove panty @BF,s house


Great tips!

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