22 Eyeliner Shapes for Women Tired of the Cat Eye ...

By Neecey

22 Eyeliner Shapes for Women Tired of the Cat Eye ...

It took you ages to master the perfect cat eye look but that doesn't mean you have to stick with it. Here are some ideas for when you want a change.

Table of contents:

  1. the double line
  2. glam duo
  3. puppy eyes
  4. ombré eyeliner
  5. the natural look
  6. make waves
  7. go grunge
  8. rainbow bright
  9. '60s mod
  10. big and bold
  11. egyptian cat eye
  12. go bold
  13. upside down cat eye
  14. the thin wing
  15. the triple wing
  16. get arty
  17. lived in liner
  18. bardot eyes
  19. make it a triple
  20. create some drama
  21. abstract
  22. skinny lines

1 The Double Line

The Double Line

2 Glam Duo

Glam Duo



4 Ombré Eyeliner

Ombré Eyeliner

5 The Natural Look

The Natural Look

6 Make Waves

Make Waves

7 Go Grunge

Go Grunge

8 Rainbow Bright

Rainbow Bright

9 '60s Mod

'60s Mod

10 Big and Bold

Big and Bold

11 Egyptian Cat Eye

Egyptian Cat Eye

12 Go Bold

Go Bold

13 Upside down Cat Eye

Upside down Cat Eye

14 The Thin Wing

The Thin Wing

15 The Triple Wing

The Triple Wing

16 Get Arty

Get Arty

17 Lived in Liner

Lived in Liner

18 Bardot Eyes

Bardot Eyes

19 Make It a Triple

Make It a Triple

20 Create Some Drama

Create Some Drama

21 Abstract


22 Skinny Lines

Skinny Lines

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