Green Makeup Products for Celebrating St. Patrick's Day ...


You can't get away with not wearing any green on St.

Patrick's Day unless you want to get pinched by everyone all day long.

If you don't want to wear green clothing, how about trying some green makeup?

You can avoid the pinching fingers of your friends, family and co-workers and look gorgeous at the same time.3

These are the perfect green products for you.

1. Mineralized Eye Shadow

Mineralized Eye Shadow


You have just found the perfect color of green eye shadow for St.

Patrick's Day.

2. Melu Conditioner

Melu Conditioner


It might not make your hair green, but this conditioner will make it silky and smooth for your night of partying.

3. Sea Green Nail Polish

Sea Green Nail Polish


Isn't this the perfect green for your nails on St.2

Patrick's Day?

4. A Little Bit of Sparkle

A Little Bit of Sparkle


This shade is pretty wonderful too!

5. Green Eye Liner

Green Eye Liner


Green eyeliner is the perfect way to top off your St.2

Paddy's day makeup look.

6. Go Dark Green

Go Dark Green


Lime green is a fun shade for the holiday too.2

7. Creamy Eye Shadow

Creamy Eye Shadow


This cream eye shadow is a wonderful color and it goes on so easy.

8. Earthy Green Eyeliner

Earthy Green Eyeliner


This eyeliner goes on really smooth and is a lovely color too.

9. Greens and Browns

Greens and Browns
Greens and Browns


This polish is a wonderful way to shine in the most perfect way on St.

Patrick's Day.

10. Waterproof Eyeliner

Waterproof Eyeliner


You won't find a more perfect shade of green than this nail polish.

11. Color Change Lipstick

Color Change Lipstick


This lipstick is hydrating and gives you the most glorious lip color imaginable.

12. Fun Green for Your Eyes

Fun Green for Your Eyes
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