17 Amazing Highlighters for Girls Who Love Strobing ...

In recent months, a stunning rainbow highlighter from Etsy shop Bitter Lace Beauty has been making the rounds across beauty sites and Buzzfeed (of course). And it is a gorgeous highlighter – it's become so popular that it's not only available for pre-order! You'll have to wait up to nine months to make your face look like a magical unicorn dusted rainbow kisses against your cheeks. Nooo! I know it's heartbreaking, so in the meantime, here are seventeen other amazing highlighters for girls and guys who simply can't get enough of that strobing.

1. Flower Glisten up Highlighter Chubby

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Get it here: fishpond.com

Tbh, this highlighter looks a little like a cute little – well, a cute little chubby, let's say! That works both ways! For real, though, this is an award-winning highlighter that goes on creamy, blends beautifully, and leaves you with just enough glow – plus it claims to look good on practically any skin tone!

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