Makeup Tips for Looking Flirty 😘 at Holiday Parties 🎊 ...


Holiday party season is in full swing, which means you want to look your best at all of them.

Instead of doing the same style for each, why not try something new this year?

You can mix and match these ideas or try a different one at each of your soirees.

Partying is way more fun when you feel as fabulous as you look.

Check out these ideas.

1. Wear Bright Red Lipstick


Not a lipstick wearer?

Imagine how much of a dramatic entrance you can make at your holiday parties if you slick on a coat of bright red this season.

There’s a red that looks good on everyone and red lipstick is perfect for all of your festive holiday dresses.

Experiment with reds to find the one that makes your Christmas parties as fabulous as they can be.

2. Try Colored Eyeliner


Who says black or brown is your only option?2

This holiday season, try blue, green or purple?

The color you choose should bring out your eyes and really make them pop.

Colored liner is hot right now so you know you’ll look stylish and lovely while you sip cocktails and sing carols.

Do a winged liner for even more drama.

3. Give Your Face Some Awesome Glow


Want to be as radiant as a Christmas angel this year?2

Good news!

You totally can by adding some shimmery products to your makeup bag.

Use shimmery foundation, blush, bronzer or eye shadow and you get a look that glows all night long.

Just avoid using big chunks of glitter or you run the risk of looking more like a disco ball than an angel.

4. Wear a Dark Color of Eye Shadow


Holiday parties tend to be at night so it is bound to be a little bit dark there.

This lets you experiment with darker shades of makeup.

Try a deep charcoal, dark green or plum to lend your holiday look some new flair.

Combined with some lovely gold liner, you’ll be the star of the show.

Do Black Liner and Black Mascara
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