7 Makeup Tricks to Look More Awake and Sexy ...


There are times when you want to look sexy but you’re exhausted.

Maybe you stayed out too late with the girls last night and you’ve got a date tonight.2

Whatever the circumstances, these are makeup tricks that’ll make you look awake and sexy.

No one will ever know that you may have missed some sleep.

1. Choose Light Coverage

The first step to looking awake and sexy is to choose a foundation that offers light coverage.

You can use your normal concealer but go for a lighter formula in foundation.

The reason for that choice is that a heavy foundation is going to settle into any little lines on your face.

And those lines tend to be a bit more pronounced when you’re tired.

Also, a light, sheer foundation will give you a more youthful appearance because of the dewy finish.2

2. Don’t Skip Blush

Blush gives you a healthy glow.

Cream blush is a great choice for making you look awake and sexy.3

It blends easily and looks natural.

The key to cream blush is to start small and build it up.

It’s easy to go overboard if you aren’t careful.2

Your blush should be noticeable enough to look like it could be the way your cheeks naturally flush but not enough to take away from your other makeup.

3. Go for Pale Eyeshadow

Pale eyeshadow will really open your eyes up.

Think colors like light taupe or champagne.

Go toward something that’s a bit golden and the shimmer will up the sexy factor.

This’ll create a look that’s simplistic but eye-catching.

When you’re trying to look awake, you want to stay away from the smoky eye, which can mirror any dark shadows you have.

4. Curl Your Lashes

If you don’t do anything else, this one step will make you look both awake and sexy.

Curling your eyelashes really opens up your eyes.

It makes your eyes look brighter, too.

It pulls attention to your lashes.

Lashes are always much more noticeable when they’ve been curled.

Only Wear Eyeliner on Top
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