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There are so many fun colors sitting there on store shelves. It can be so tempting to grab them all and go to town. I don’t know about you, but I don’t look good in just any color. If you do, then go nuts! If you don’t, never fear. There are easy ways to make sure you’re wearing the right colors. And don’t worry, you will look so fabulous you won’t even be that sad that you can’t wear purple eyeshadow. I know how that feels. Here’s everything you need to know about wearing the right make-up colors.

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Snap a Selfie

Sometimes it takes a photo to help you see that things could be better. I’ve looked at photos of myself and was mortified to see what a garbage job I did with my make-up. From an all wrong shade of eyeshadow to the completely wrong foundation shade, a selfie can be really eye-opening. When you try something new, snap a photo with your iPhone and examine it for changes you could make. This way, no one will ever have to know!


Are You Cool or Warm

I’m talking about the color of your skin here, not your body temperature. Once you know whether you’re cool or warm, it’s infinitely easier to select the best shades for your look. Here’s an easy way to figure it out. If you look washed out wearing black, you are warm. If it looks fantastic on you, you’re cool. In general, if you have darker skin and hair, you should wear cool colors and if you’re fairer, go for warm colors. Cool colors would be blues, greens and purples while warm colors are more earth toned, such as browns, golds and oranges.


Another trick to determine your skin's undertone is to look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they appear more blue or purple, you likely have a cool undertone, whereas if they look greenish, you're probable a warm undertone. Remember, cool undertones aren't limited to light skin and warm undertones to dark; it's all about the subtleties of your skin's hue. When choosing make-up, try to stick to colors that complement these undertones, as they'll enhance your natural coloring and make your complexion look vibrant and healthy.


Head Back to Elementary School

OK, not for real. But, do you remember the color wheel art activities you did when you were in second or third grade? Maybe you haven’t used them up until now, but you will be from here on out. Understanding complementary colors and how to blend shades can really help you find the exact right color of make-up for your face. Experts suggest experimenting to find what works for you.


Play the Match Game

Who knew getting the right shade of make-up could be so much fun? When you’re choosing a foundation, you get to play a fun game of matching. Swipe a tiny bit of the tester products on the inside of your wrist. When you get one that blends in and is not noticeable anymore, you’ve found your perfect shade.


Get Your Best Friend’s Opinion

Your best friend is such for a reason, right? Because she’ll love you always, but will be brutally honest when she needs to be. That’s why you can be sure that if you ask her about your make-up colors, she’ll give it to you straight. Orange lipstick not working for you? She’ll make sure you know before you embarrass yourself. And you’d do the same for her, right? So next time you are testing out a new color, model it for your best friend and see what she thinks.


Scrutinize Your Hair Color

How could you hair possibly play a role in your make-up color choices? You’d be surprised! Experts say that women with darker hair should opt for darker brow pencils and mascara colors. By getting similar shades, you get a more natural look. I have dark brown hair and generally wear black mascara, but a blond-haired beauty might be better off with a browner shade. Again, experiment to find what you like best.


Go Shopping!

Yes, you read that right! Grab your Kate Spade and head to the cosmetics store closest to you. Many of them let you try the products so you can see how they look. Plus, if you get overwhelmed the staff can guide you to great choices for your face. Also, if you don’t like the one you chose, many stores will refund you or let you have something else instead.

What’s your best color? I generally gravitate toward browns for my eyes and warm pinks and bronzes for my cheeks. Did you learn something new that will help you choose the right colors?

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Don't forget people with neutral undertones. Although practically everything looks good on them

I have dark skin, hair, and eyes and I'm warm (I might be neutral but I'm definitely not cool) Black and white are bad colors to determine your undertone with sometimes. It'd be better to try warm and cool tones of the same color family (like pastel blue vs. cobalt) and figure out which one washes you out

There are also those who are "Neutral" which is neither "warm" nor "cool". The best is to find out what season you are: Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter and even then you can find out if you are a "Cool or Deep or Clear Winter" etc.

Which is the best primer foundation for oily skin?

If you have darker hair/skin, you're most likely warm, which means warm colours suit you best, not cool ones!

The inside of your wrist is lighter than your face. MUA's suggests when purchasing foundation,it is best to test the right shade on jawline.

Olivia, not always! It depends on the person. I have dark hair and light/medium skin and I get complements when I wear blue! 😄 So it depends, not bashing on you lol. It's actually pretty difficult for me to choose the right hair dyes and finding clothes, because I'm olive skinned. I love my skin in the summertime, but when it's winter and I'm pale, I have a greenish cast to my skin. Any suggestions for olive skinned girls anyone?

Okay. Warm colors on warm skin will give you a more subtle look (monochromatic) Same with cool colors on cool skin. Cool colors on warm skin will be more dramatic (contrast) Same with Warm colors on cool skin.

I agree with Olivia too. I am dark skin and prefer warm colours....

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