7 Metallic Makeup Looks That'll Suit Everyone ...


Metallic makeup is here to stay.

Not only are celebrities everywhere rocking shimmery shades, but bold metallics were all over the catwalks, and it’s sure to be the hottest beauty look well into next year.

So how do you do metallic makeup without looking like you’ve had your face painted?

Here’s some great ways to make metallics suit you.

1. Copper Cutie

Copper Cutie

If you’ve got a golden skin tone (or an amazing tan!), copper is the perfect metallic makeup for you.

It’s bold enough to draw the eye, and the warm undertones will illuminate your skin and make you look utterly radiant.

For a simple beach-ready look, try sweeping your cheeks with a copper illuminator.

Create a copper smoky eye for the evenings, or use a bold copper lip gloss.

Easy, and stunning!

2. Gorgeous Gold

Gorgeous Gold

I’ve always admired gold makeup, but the line between gorgeous and robot can be precariously thin, so I hadn’t given it a proper try until now.

The secret?

Team gold with peach, and the warm undertones will make you look ready for the red carpet!

For the daytime, opt for a light gold with some light-catching shimmer, and swap it for a brighter gold for the evening.2

I love crème gold shadows for that molten-metal effect!

3. Sleek Silver

Sleek Silver

Or more specifically, pale silver.

Lighter silver shades are perfect for deep skin tones, and they can easily be worn day or night.

A pale silver eyeliner worn with a nude eye shadow is an easy way to change your look without being too drastic, or try layering a sheer silver shadow so that you can build up the color.

I’ve been getting plenty of compliments on my silver nail polish, too!

Just steer clear of any cold silver illuminators – they don’t tend to flatter.

Radiant Rose
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