7 Vital Reasons Not to Sleep with Makeup on ...


7 Vital Reasons Not to Sleep with Makeup on ...
7 Vital Reasons Not to Sleep with Makeup on ...

Learning reasons not to sleep with makeup on can have a dramatic impact on how you care for your skin, as well as how your skin cares for you! When you take good care of your skin, it will pay off. I love wearing makeup, like most girly-girls, but I learned early on in my teen years the importance of removing your makeup before you go to sleep. Once you get into the habit of washing your face before bed, it becomes second nature! Here are my top reasons not to sleep with makeup on!

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Brittle Lashes

Among all of the reasons not to sleep with makeup on, brittle lashes are at the top of my list. We all strive for luscious, thick, long lashes. After all, mascaras are constantly seeking to appeal to the buyer by advertising the prettiest lashes of all! Sleeping in mascara will dry out your lashes, causing them to be brittle, dry, and prone to breakage. To encourage healthy lash growth, don’t sleep in your makeup!


Clogged Pores

Sleeping in makeup will encourage clogged pores. Your skin uses the time that you sleep at night to replenish, and if your makeup is in the way, your pores can’t breathe! Clogged pores can cause or contribute to ugly breakouts, so make sure you are washing your face to keep those pimples at bay!


Stained Pillowcases

Nothing is worse than trying to remove a mascara streak from your pillowcase. And once foundation sets in, it can be really difficult to get out. On the few rare occasions that I have slept in makeup, ruining my pillowcase has been at the top of my list of regrets! I have silk pillowcases, and they are not easy to treat.


Bacteria Breeding Ground

Washing your face at night doesn’t just remove your makeup; it also removes any other grime from the day. Skin oils, smoke and smut, and germs and bacteria from your hands or your phone touching your face will create a breeding ground for bacteria overnight if you let them just sit there. This can encourage breakouts, cold sores, and unhealthy skin in general!


Dull Skin

We all yearn for dewy, youthful complexions, right? Sleeping in makeup will only give you dull and dry skin. Your skin needs to breathe at night, and it needs to be able to produce the vitamins and minerals that promote healthy, glowing skin. If there is makeup blocking your pores, your skin will have a hard time replenishing itself!


Bad Habit Encourager

Once you go to sleep once or twice with makeup on, it can be easier the next night to succumb to sweet sleep and ignore the makeup on your face. Then you start encouraging bad habits! For the nights when you are just too exhausted to even think about washing your face, keep a packet of makeup removing towelettes near your bed. You can at least wipe your makeup off before crashing, and then cleanse, tone, and moisturize in the AM!


Harder Work to Remove in the AM

If you have slept in makeup before, then you know the horrors you face the next morning when you wake up. Smeared makeup all over your face that has been ground in overnight is a real chore to remove. Start by using a makeup remover, and then cleanse your skin. Follow up with a clay mask to help draw out impurities, then finally moisturize well. If possible, go without makeup or at least wear minimal makeup that day to allow your skin some room to breathe.

Sleeping with your makeup on is a bad idea, but we all have those nights when we were too tired or fell asleep on the couch and forgot. Don’t beat yourself up for one or two mistakes! Instead, work harder on your resolve not to sleep in makeup for your skin’s sake. Do you practice faithfully removing your makeup each night before going to sleep?

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