11 Tips for Smokey Eyes to Dazzle Your Date ...

Some may think this is easy to achieve, but please read these tips for smokey eyes. It can be easily done WRONG! A lot of guys love the look of a smokey eye on their lady love. This really brings out your eyes while showing a darker and sexier side of you. If you have a date you want to look amazing for, try these below tips for smokey eyes and he won’t take his eyes off of you!

1. Remove All Makeup

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My first tips for smokey eyes is to take off all existing makeup. Yes this step might seem self explanatory, but you would be surprised. I also say this to save yourself some time and frustration. You are going to want to apply your eye makeup first before your foundation. You will likely get some shadow to drop down under your eyes, which is much more easily removed without any foundation on.

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