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7 Reasons You Don't Need to Wear Make up Everyday ...

By Kay

I know what you're thinking: it's not even possible to think of 7 reasons you don't need makeup everyday. Well, contrary to popular belief, life as you know it will not end if you skip makeup every now and then and opt for a fresh face. Still not convinced? Check out my reasons why you don't need to wear make up everyday.

1 Makeup Isn't Necessarily Great for Your Skin

While it's true that you may feel more confident and fabulous with a little concealer and eyeliner, one of the main reasons you don't need makeup is because it's not doing your skin any favors. In more recent years, women have become privy to the crazy chemicals being used in their favorite makeup and yet, most haven't made an effort to stop using it religiously. Even the so-called "healthy for your skin" foundations will take a toll on your skin after wearing them every single day. You'll be doing your skin a good service if you choose a fresh face opposed to heavy makeup on a regular basis.

2 People Won't Be Surprised when They See You without Your Makeup

I always feel terrible when I ask someone to their face "Hey, what's different about you?" only to find out it's because they don't have on makeup. If you condition the world to ONLY seeing you with luxurious eyelashes, heavy eyeliner, and rosy cheeks, you'll certainly take people by surprise when they see you without those things. While the opinions of others should only be taken with a grain of salt, the fact is that makeup can drastically alter one's face and thus, people may be surprised when they see you without makeup. If you don't wear makeup every single day, people will get conditioned to seeing you both with it and without it.

3 You're Young

Your young face does not need makeup everyday. Teenagers are often in a rush to begin wearing makeup, which is certainly not something they need for several reasons. When I look back at my 13 year old self, I'm amazed at how great my skin looked without the aid of makeup. And even today, I often have the sudden urge to ditch my favorite concealer when I think I'm having a "great face day." You're only bugging your skin by caking on the makeup. Give your face a fighting chance to "grow up" before you try to mold it into what you think is perfect. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results in a couple of years. My mother and grandmother both have AMAZING skin in their older age, all thanks to their disinterest with makeup, so trust me, it's possible!

4 You're Older

Your older face does not need makeup everyday. Those anti-aging/anti-wrinkle/anti-whatever creams and powders are unnecessary. What's wrong with getting older? I'll take my laugh lines and a couple wrinkles in my old age any day rather than looking 15 for the rest of my life. As an ode to life, embrace your imperfections and rejoice that you've been on Earth long enough to experience them. People are known for getting better with age and you're no exception to this rule. As corny as it may sound, there is nothing wrong with being proud about getting older and letting the world see it.

5 Naturally, You Look Better than You Think

Ah, stop the eye rolling. People in general tend to heavily focus on their imperfections, which is why the makeup business continues to flourish. The truth is, the only person that pays so much attention to that tiny blemish right above your left eye is you. Instead of being annoyed with every single imperfection you have, realize that people will still love you regardless if you cover them up or not. You're still awesome. You're still smart. Makeup does not make-you (hey, that has a nice little ring to it.) *wink

6 Makeup is EXPENSIVE

Do me a favor. Grab your makeup bag/box, pull out your cosmetics piece by piece, and add up how much money you've spent on all those items. The amount will likely be INSANE. While a little splurging here and there seems like pennies when you're purchasing makeup to add to your collection, when you add everything up, makeup is super expensive. The less you use, the less you have to buy to replace it. Think of all the money you could save if you chose to go bare-face a couple days every week.

7 You're Beautiful... Really

Am I killing you with kindness yet? One of the key reasons you don't need makeup everyday is because looks are not everything and no one is perfect. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, regardless of makeup. At the end of the day, whether you wear makeup or not, it's all about doing what makes you happy and comfortable. But don't forget that you're a beautiful person regardless. Keep that in mind, always.

While the idea of going without makeup clearly isn't easy for many women, it's worth a shot for the sake of your skin and your pockets. Have you witnessed any results, good or bad, after choosing to ditch your makeup for a day? Does the idea of going "natural" sound insane to you? Comment and let us know, beautiful!

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