7 Tantalizing Tips to Keep Your Makeup from Melting off Your Face ...


7 Tantalizing Tips to Keep Your Makeup from Melting off Your Face ...
7 Tantalizing Tips to Keep Your Makeup from Melting off Your Face ...

Thanks to all these sweltering heatwaves, you're probably in need of foolproof tips to keep your makeup from melting right off your face, right? You spend all that time concealing your blemishes, evening out your skin tone, perfecting your glimmering summertime makeup, and finding the perfect lip gloss. Then, the second you step outside, you do your best impersonation of the Wicked Witch of the West. Rather than looking like Elphaba, check out these tips to keep your makeup from melting and ruining all your hard work.

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Never Forget the Primer

Never Forget the Primer Wearing primer is one of the best tips to keep your makeup from melting. Adding another layer might seem counterproductive, but primer makes an excellent base for the rest of your makeup, locking it in and keeping it from melting. Of course, you could always just opt for a BB or CC cream for coverage and leave it at that.


Ice, Ice Baby

Ice, Ice Baby Before you put on your makeup, grab yourself an ice cube. Now slather it all over your face. Blot it dry, of course, and then start applying your makeup. It sounds weird, I know, but it will cool down your face, close up your pores, and make you far less likely to get the melt-effect outside.


Keep It Light

Keep It Light You also need to keep your makeup heat-friendly. Choose light foundations, or keep it sheer. Don't pile on lots of thick, creamy products, because that's just asking for trouble. A little highlighter, bronzer, some blush, and a coat of mascara will generally work beautifully – followed up by a lip gloss that will protect your pout from the sun!


Wow with Waterproof Formulas

Wow with Waterproof Formulas Using waterproof formula helps a lot too! This typically applies to your eye makeup, of course, especially your mascara and eyeliner. However, you can find plenty of waterproof cosmetics if you look hard enough, and they will help keep the sweat and humidity from ruining your makeup job.


Obliterate the Oil

Obliterate the Oil No matter what, stay away from anything oil based! That pertains to your foundation, your moisturizer, your toner – nothing that goes on your face should have any oil. It will make your skin feel greasy when you start perspiring, so in addition to melting makeup, you'll just feel gross.


Lose the Liquid

Lose the Liquid Similarly, where possible, try to avoid liquid cosmetics. With some, such as a primer or BB cream, you can't get past a liquid formula. However, when it's really hot or humid outside, you should typically avoid liquid eyeliners and lip liners, and possibly give any cream-based eye shadows or blushes a miss as well.


Stock up on Blotting Papers

Stock up on Blotting Papers Sometimes you just can't stop the sweat. That's okay, as long as you're prepared. You need blotting papers in your arsenal. A little pack of these thin, magical papers works wonders, because the second you feel yourself breaking a sweat, you can carefully blot your forehead, your T-zone, or the area just under your eyes.

I really hope these tips to keep your makeup from melting off your face work for you! There's nothing worse than stepping outside the house and getting raccoon eyes right away. Do you have any excellent methods for keeping your makeup from melting, or do you just stick to a natural, beach time look?

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Skindinavia has a really good setting spray.

I like the idea of ice cube i think i will try it soon

the ice tip works! there was no hot water so I had to take an ice cold shower once and my makeup lasted so well in the heat! :D

Cargo's better than waterproof mascara is really good! And it still comes off really easy when you want it to. There waterproof blush is really good too and the colors are gorgeous! (:

Loving this advice! Especially during Summer time.

Thanks for this article!! I use primer always and waterproof formulas.. The Garnier BB cream is super nice and awesome is a oil control formula, reduces pores size, is cheap and long lasting! I try the ice cubes in my next makeup session :)

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