7 Things to Avoid Doing with Your Usual Makeup Routine ...


Finding a flawless makeup routine can be difficult. With so many products and tools available it can be easy to go overboard or mistakenly use the wrong products. Luckily, the great thing about makeup is that you can experiment until you find what’s right for you! Here are a few recommendations on things to avoid doing with your usual makeup routine.

1. Over Plucking

During your makeup routine you might find that you need to clean up a few stray eyebrow hairs. With that being said, pluck only one hair at a time. Furthermore, after you’ve plucked 3-4 hairs take a moment to step back and see if you need to continue. Without taking pauses or by pulling several hairs at one time, you will end up with over plucked or misshapen eyebrows. If you’re not confident in plucking your own eyebrows visit a salon that plucks (or threads) eyebrows. If going every couple weeks is too costly for you then go once every couple months and clean up any stray hairs in between visits.

Filling in Your Eyebrows
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