A Simple 5 Minute Makeup Routine for Ultra-Busy Days ...

Every girl needs a 5-minute makeup routine. Why? Ask any woman in the world what one of her biggest fashion and beauty pet peeves is, and we can guarantee that she is most likely to complain about the length of time it takes her to complete her makeup routine every single day! Many of us ladies don’t like to leave the house in the morning without a full face of makeup, and this can sometimes take so long that it comes at the expense of a proper breakfast or some more heavenly time under the duvet. However, you must believe us when I say that you can put a beautiful look together in just five minutes. That’s right, five short minutes! Here are the details of an amazing 5-minute makeup routine.

1. Hydrate and Prime Your Skin

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Double duty products are your best friend when it comes to a 5-minute makeup routine. The best way to kill these two birds with a single stone is to invest in some great quality priming spray. Just a couple of spritzes of a top notch priming spray will work to both moisturise your face and ready your skin for the layers of makeup that are about to be put on it in a short space of time. You will be ready for the next step in a matter of seconds!

2. Conceal and Set

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Without wasting any time, take your favourite full coverage concealer and work on applying it to all of the places that need special attention, like underneath your eyes and over any blemishes that you might have right now. Afterwards, blend out the concealer in an even fashion with a beauty sponge or even your fingers, and then quickly set it using a good quality translucent powder.

3. Blush

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The quickest and most effective way to add a touch of life and colour to your face is by using blush. Apply your blush to your cheeks so that it gives you the soft effect of two beautiful apples. I recommend using blush rather than bronzer for this stage simply because it looks more natural on its own, therefore making it a perfect product to use in this simple and speedy makeup routine.

4. Fill Your Eyebrows

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You won’t need to complete this step if you are blessed with naturally full and shapely eyebrows, but for those of us who aren’t, filling in those brows provides an almost instant change in look and self-confidence. Add more colour and shape to make a huge difference to your overall makeup look, and I recommend using a brow pencil for this step because you can be as firm with it as you like.

5. Lashes

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You would be surprised just how much impact full, voluptuous lashes can have on a simple makeup look, which makes them perfect for this five-minute routine! Once you have your technique mastered, applying mascara to your lashes takes no time at all, and as far as makeup goes, there are very few products that give you more bang for your buck and time than a great quality mascara! After finishing your final swipe, you are good to go!

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