7 Amazing Makeup Tutorials for the New Year ...

By Rotem

I have learned a lot of my makeup skills through watching amazing makeup tutorials online. Have you ever heard of saying, “New year, new me"? Well, this means that we all like making changes for the New Year. This includes our appearance and look, so here are some amazing makeup tutorials to kick off the New Year with a new look!

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The first of the amazing makeup tutorials is a simple and natural everyday look. YouTuber Jaclyn Hill, who is one of the best, shows a step by step process to achieve this look. The reason natural is the first look of the list is because we need to embrace the natural beauty that we have! Try to keep your everyday look as natural as possible to achieve healthier skin and an easier process.


Smokey Eye

The smokey eye is one of the most popular and requested looks. Here, Nitraa B, another great makeup artist, explains how to achieve the basic smokey eye. This look is perfect for a date or going out and is flattering for every eye color. It can also be used with other colors or even glitter for a more dramatic look.


Red Lip

The red lip is one of my favorite looks. In this video, Jaclyn Hill shows you how to achieve the best red lip! You can keep your red lip matte or give it a little shine. This can be worn with subtle eye makeup, but you can also dress it up with dramatic eyes. Be careful, though, because it can look overdone with both dramatic eyes and lips.


Glittery Eyes

Lauren Curtis, another amazing YouTuber, shows how to achieve a beautiful glittery gold look. This is so perfect for a night out! This look will work perfectly for brown eyes, but is wearable for anyone. You can wear it down with nude lips or dress it up with a red lip! I think gold and red go beautifully together, so don’t be afraid to do both.


Plum Lip

The plum lip has become a very popular look recently. I think it is so beautiful and flattering if you’re bored of red, and want to change it up! This is an amazing tutorial by Chrisspy, showing how to achieve the perfect plum lips and eye makeup to match!

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Teal Look

I am loving a pop of color recently, and teal has been really standing out to me. In this tutorial, Siham Y shows you how to achieve a beautiful makeup look with a great pop of color on the lid. The teal will especially make brown eyes stand out! This is such a beautiful color and looks so stunning.


Nude Lip

One of the toughest things with makeup is finding the perfect nude lip shade. Gossmakeupartist, one of the most informative makeup artists on YouTube, provides some insight on how to achieve the perfect nude lip. Nude lips look great with dramatic eyes if worn correctly!

I hope you guys enjoyed these amazing makeup tutorials and make sure to check out these amazing beauty gurus! Practice makes perfect and these videos really help by giving step by step processes or by simply providing the information you need! What are some looks you are loving for the New Year?

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Сognitively, thanks.

wow great :) I love smoke eye makeup ^^

What purples are those???


Love the natural make-up look, now just need to save my pennies so I can buy more make-up and tools