Galaxy Makeup and Other Special Effects You've Gotta See to Believe ...

By Laura

Galaxy Makeup and Other Special Effects You've Gotta See to Believe ...

I’m always amazed at the different types of special effects makeup and how real they look, from galaxy makeup to aging, the results are unreal! There are some unbelievably talented special effects makeup artists out there that can create the most realistic looking scars, bones, muscles and certain features that you would never guess was makeup or prosthetics! I went through and picked out some non-bloody and hopefully not too gruesome photos for you to see. So, if you’d like to see some impressive works of special effects makeup, check them out below!

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1 Beneath the Flesh

Beneath the Flesh Source: beneath the flesh
Special effects makeup can be kinda creepy but in a good way!

2 Doll Face

Doll Face Source: Cool Special Effects Makeup Artist ...
Everything from the eyes to the chin to the gears are done perfectly! Very sinister but cute!

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3 Scarecrow Special Effects Makeup

Scarecrow Special Effects Makeup Source: Makeup I've done
This is by far the scariest scarecrow I've seen. Check out all the details around the mouth.

4 Black Eyes

Black Eyes Source: Crazy Eyes and Makeup
Now this is cool! The lashes, the makeup and the contacts remind me of a sexy vampire.

5 Gory Doll

Gory Doll Source: Lipstick N Bruises inspiration
This is such a cool look for Halloween! The creepy doll is the perfect combination of creepy and cute so you get the best of both worlds.

6 Scary Old Woman

Scary Old Woman Source: Inspiration Board
I don't know much about cracked, rotting flesh, but the skin on this model is crazy realistic and so detailed.

7 Mermaid Special Effects Makeup

Mermaid Special Effects Makeup Source: MERMAID ENCHANTED
This is a look that's pretty and fun. I like how the scales and some of the lashes were drawn on.

8 Back from the Dead

Back from the Dead Source: Monroe Misfit Makeup | Makeup ...
You can find this makeup tutorial on YouTube under Monroe Misfit Makeup. She does a ton of great special effects makeup looks including Chucky, Freddie Krueger, Doll Parts and Unzipped Revisited.

9 Makup Chameleon

Makup Chameleon Source:
Look at the detail on this model! She seriously looks like a pretty sea creature.

10 Cracked

Cracked Source: Makeup
Living dead girl? A really sinister but interesting look with the big, dark eyes and the cracks.

11 Galaxy Makeup

Galaxy Makeup Source: Black Light Galaxy - with ...
Mesmerizing! This is so very pretty in natural and with a black light.

12 Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat Source: Makeup
The cat-like contacts really bring this look to life

13 Zombie Head

Zombie Head Source: Boo WHO
This is one of the more gruesome looks, but I thought it was so nicely done that it was worth sharing. The skin seriously looks like it's old and rotten and the eye area looks raw.

14 Wooden Doll

Wooden Doll Source: Wooden doll makeup…
A spooky wooden doll come to life!

15 White Rabbit

White Rabbit Source: AnuSFX-01
An Alice in Wonderland inspired look.

16 Zombie Geisha

Zombie Geisha Source: Canada’s #1 Makeup Fashion Esthetics ...
The zombie half of the geisha is extremely well done. I think I would jump if I ran into her!

17 Space Cat

Space Cat Source: MUD Student Work
I'm honesty unsure if this is a space cat or not. I couldn't find much info on this photo, but it looks great. What do you think it is?

18 Chucky Makeup

Chucky Makeup Source: Chucky Special Effects Makeup.
Check out those stitches and scars! The color and depth are fantastic.

19 Demon Cat

Demon Cat Source: Day Dreaming and Soul Searching
I'm assuming this is a cat but whatever it is, it's evil and menacing, that's all I know!

20 Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts Source: hello tomorrow - AHHHH I’m ...
This is a monster rendition of the Queen of Hearts. The tree branches look so cool.

21 Devil

Devil Source: Make-Up Ideas
The horns, shading and contouring are absolutely awesome.

22 General Boris Von Filigree

General Boris Von Filigree Source: General Boris Von Filigree by ...
He's a war general but also a lion and goat hybrid. Very weird and in a good way.

23 Frozen

Frozen Source: “Hopelessly devoted” for The Grid ...
How realistic is this frozen man?! That ice looks so real.

24 Lizard within

Lizard within Source: Makeup by a 20-Something: Lizard ...
How freaky is this makeup? The scales and the "torn" skin look so raw and real.

25 Robot-girl

Robot-girl Source: Monroe Misfit Makeup | Makeup ...
Here's another look from Monroe Misfit Makeup. This look is sexy and futuristic.

26 Mermaid Alien

Mermaid Alien Source: Indulgy - Everyone deserves a ...
This special effects makeup, (like the galaxy makeup) is out of this world! This must've taken forever to do, but it is one of the best I've seen.

27 Broken Doll

Broken Doll Source: Prosthetic Makeup and Such
She seriously looks like she's made of porcelain and her face cracked.

28 Prosthetics

Prosthetics Source:
This photo was for an ad for a special effects makeup school. So sick and creepy!

29 Vampire

Vampire Source: Special Effects Makeup
She looks more like a creepy doll than a vampire, but I am still loving this look, especially the lips.

What did you think of these looks? I love all the creative use of colors like in the galaxy makeup. It's so amazing what can you can do with makeup and a few prosthetics.

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That's really cool. They seem to be very talented artists.

Number 6 is Mary Shaw from the movie dead silence ;)

Number 19 is a Nogitsune. The evil version of a Kitsune (fox).

God most of them are so damn freaky b scary

I'm next!!!


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