7 Tempting Products from Almay That Will Make You Consider Buying All New Makeup ...

My thoughts go immediately to eyeliner when I think of products from Almay. It’s what I know best about their line and I believe it’s what they do best. I’ve never been moved to try their anti-aging makeup or their lip balms, which seem more like a lip gloss based on packaging. I’m hoping that those of you that use different products from Almay than I do will leave a comment, so we can make a more informed decision when we look for new makeup.

1. Liquid Eyeliner

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I decided I wanted to try liquid eyeliner, and I went directly to check out products from Almay. I already used several of their products and I felt confident they would have a better than average liquid eyeliner. It turns out I was right. This eyeliner is long-lasting and very easy to apply. This is a more dramatic look than you’ll get from their eyeliner pencil.

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