7 Tempting Products from Almay That Will Make You Consider Buying All New Makeup ...

By Tracy

7 Tempting Products from Almay That Will Make You Consider Buying All New Makeup ...

My thoughts go immediately to eyeliner when I think of products from Almay. It’s what I know best about their line and I believe it’s what they do best. I’ve never been moved to try their anti-aging makeup or their lip balms, which seem more like a lip gloss based on packaging. I’m hoping that those of you that use different products from Almay than I do will leave a comment, so we can make a more informed decision when we look for new makeup.

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Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner I decided I wanted to try liquid eyeliner, and I went directly to check out products from Almay. I already used several of their products and I felt confident they would have a better than average liquid eyeliner. It turns out I was right. This eyeliner is long-lasting and very easy to apply. This is a more dramatic look than you’ll get from their eyeliner pencil.



Eyeliner I use three different eyeliner pencils depending on mood. I have CoverGirl, Make Up For Ever and this one from Almay. I don’t really have a favorite, which is high marks for the drugstore brands, since Make Up For Ever costs over twice as much. My biggest issue with the one from Almay is the breakage when you sharpen the tip, but since I like my pencils with a more rounded tip, it’s not really a big deal. What I like most about this eyeliner is its lasting power.

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Smart Shade Smart Balance Pressed Powder

Smart Shade Smart Balance Pressed Powder I have to try products when they look interesting and have good reviews, and this is what led me to this finishing powder. It’s lightweight, which is important to me since I live in a very warm climate. I like the soft matte coverage for the summer. It comes with a brush and mirror, but if the coverage works as expected, there’s really no need for touch-ups.

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Truly Lasting Color 16 Hour Makeup

Truly Lasting Color 16 Hour Makeup This is ‘truly’ a great foundation, but the claim of 16 hour wear is exaggerated. Still, when I’m running low on my expensive Estee Lauder foundation and I just don’t feel like parting with that much money, I’ll turn to this product. It contains green tea, vitamin E and lemon extract.

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Clear Complexion Makeup BlemisHeal Technology

Clear Complexion Makeup BlemisHeal Technology Having normal to dry skin, I don’t use this myself, but I have a couple of friends that think this foundation is really spectacular. They like the medium coverage this offers and the matte finish. You’ll need to add a sunscreen if wearing this in the daytime.

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Intense I-Color Volumizing Mascara

Intense I-Color Volumizing Mascara This terrific mascara will lengthen, volumize and curl your lashes. Choose any of the colors that appeal to you and just disregard the nonsense about picking one that complements your eye color. Believe me, nobody will notice you’re wearing plum or sapphire, they’ll just notice your great looking lashes.

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Longwearing & Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Pads

Longwearing & Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Pads I’m not much of a fan of liquid eye makeup removers, except perhaps for Lancôme Bifacils. But even if cost was no object, I think I’d still opt for Almay’s eye makeup remover pads. I do sometimes have to use two pads per eye when I am using waterproof mascara, but it’s still a good value for the money.

Almay makes a small, but nice selection of products to choose from, but they have no cleanser or skin treatments in their line. I think they’re just concentrating on what they do best. I’d like to see more pigmentation in their eyeshadows to consider purchasing. Do you use any Almay products? Which ones can you recommend for our readers?

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Foundation is wonderful!

I have #7 and it works good but it is really oily. I use their other products and love them!

I have the dial up mascara its amazing!

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