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When shopping for your favorite lipstick, blush or mascara, you might not have thought to buy from cruelty free cosmetic brands instead of typical mainstream brands. Whether you’re vegan or not, it never hurts to do what you can where you can in terms of supporting cruelty free movements. Billions of animals are tested and killed every day just for cosmetic purposes. It’s actually very simple and inexpensive to buy cruelty free these days too, so there’s no reason not to go for it! All you need to do is look for a symbol on the product or a statement that says “cruelty-free”, “vegan”, or “not tested on animals.” Some cruelty free cosmetic brands are better than others so I’ve put together some that rate among the most popular with users and that are some of my favorites too.

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Kiss My Face


Kiss My Face is one of the leading cruelty free cosmetic brands and they’re very affordable. They produce anything you could need in the cosmetic department and many of their products are also gluten-free. I’m a fan of their toothpaste, lotion, and lip gloss.


Beauty without Cruelty


One of the most popular brands among vegans today is Beauty Without Cruelty. They carry an entire line of skin and body products plus a wide range of cosmetics, many of which are gluten free.


Yes to


The Yes To brand's products contain whole food ingredients and are some of the most unique out there. Their Yes To Carrots products were some of the first to hit the market, but they now have varieties such as Yes to Cucumbers, Yes to Tomatoes, Yes to Grapefruit, and Yes to Blueberries. Plus, coming soon you’ll find a Yes to Coconut variety - something I’m sure will fly off the shelves in no time!


Aubrey Organics


This line produces high quality bath and beauty products that are also highly affordable. Their shampoos are some of my favorite products but they also have great skin care items, sun care products, and even a fragrance line.




Another top brand to check out is Jason which is popular among vegans and consumers looking for more natural cosmetic products. Jason has a wide range of bath, beauty, and cosmetic items and recently launched a new line of certified gluten free products as well.


Ecco Bella


Ecco Bella is my personal favorite of the cruelty free cosmetic brands mentioned here. They’re flawless in terms of results, completely organic and they’re gluten free. Check out their mascara, lipstick, blushes, and bronzers all which produce fabulous results. Ecco Bella also carries a wide range of hair products, skincare products, and fragrance products. They’re hard to find in stores but are easy to find online.


Tarte Cosmetics


One of the trendiest vegan brands on the market is Tarte Cosmetics and likely it’s one you already love due to its popularity. With a wide range of fashionable, innovative skincare and cosmetic products, this brand is one to definitely check out as soon as you can.

These are by no means the only cruelty free brands of cosmetics on the market so explore all your options next time you're on the hunt for a new product. Buying cruelty free isn't only better for animals and the planet but also better for you too! For a full list of companies that support the cruelty free cosmetic campaign, feel free to visit the resources below. Do you buy cruelty free cosmetic products?

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NYX and Güd are also great!!


Mary Kay doesn't do any animal testing.

Tarte actually sold to Kose that does do animal testing. So no longer cruelty free. :/

GOSH cosmetics, I buy it from Shoppers Drug Mart (in canada). I love it, it's like a dupe for Mac, and it's cruelty and paraben free. 😍

E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) is also cruelty free and super affordable

What about 'Lush Cosmetics'? .0.

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