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In reviewing the best Maybelline makeup products, I found that I’m not especially a big fan of their eyeshadows or foundations, but I can recommend these 7 products and use several on a daily basis. The popular advertising slogan, “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline,” has been around since 1991. Considering the best Maybelline makeup products, it’s interesting to note that in 1996 Maybelline was acquired by L’Oreal, who also owns Garnier, Shu Uemura, Lancôme, Redken, Dermablend, Matrix, The Body Shop, Urban Decay and Yves Saint Laurent, among others.

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Lash Stiletto - Ultimate Length Waterproof Mascara

Lash Stiletto - Ultimate Length Waterproof Mascara Let me tell you straight up that you won’t be finding Great Lash on this list of best Maybelline makeup products. This mascara is everything Great Lash isn’t. It has a wonderfully small brush, reminiscent of the awesome Lancôme Definicils, but without the big price tag. If you hate those dried out flakes falling onto your pretty cheeks, Lash Stiletto will be your new BFF. If you want your lashes to hold a curl, the waterproof formula is the way to go.


Line Stiletto - Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner

Line Stiletto - Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner A liquid eyeliner with a flexible felt tip means no tugging on your delicate eyelid. It’s called Ultimate Precision because you have all of the control. Starting at the inner corner, glide smoothly across the eyelid and create the perfect wing. Maybelline says up to 8 hours of wear, but you’ll find it lasts longer than that. We’re not complaining.


Baby Lips - Moisturizing Lip Balm SPF 20

Baby Lips - Moisturizing Lip Balm SPF 20 Oh, Baby Lips, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love that your tube remains closed until I choose to open it. I love that you come in 6 fabulous flavors, especially my favorite, Grape Vine. I love that you’re affordable and easily available. I love how incredibly hydrated my lips feel at your slightest touch. I hope you never get discontinued, but I will probably love you even more, once you’re gone.


Master Hi-Light by Face Studio

Master Hi-Light by Face Studio For the most part, you should just toss the little brush included in this wonderful compact. Use your favorite blush brush for expert application. Now, if you’re looking for a face full of shimmer, look elsewhere, because Master Hi-Light imparts a soft diffused look. Comes in six sensational shades.


Color Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss

Color Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss Get bent! Yes, I’m crazy about the oh-so-clever bent applicator. The creamy, non-sticky formula will make this lippie a fan favorite. Available in twelve terrific shades, including the awesome Plum Luster.


Fit Me! Pressed Powder

Fit Me! Pressed Powder The purpose of a pressed powder is to set your foundation, and Fit Me! fulfills its purpose, imparting a soft matte finish. You’ll want to use your favorite face powder brush, because applying with a pad or a puff will just deposit too much product in any one place. Maybelline has given us 18 “breathable” shades to choose from. One of them should be just right for you.


Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spot Concealer + Treatment

Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spot Concealer + Treatment This is an excellent drugstore concealer. The treatment part of the name is due to the vitamin C content, which helps to fade dark spots. If you’ve never used a dial up product before, go slow, because once dispensed you’ll need to use the product or waste it. Additional benefits are the long-wearing nature and the fragrance-free formula.

I have a friend who uses one makeup brand exclusively, and even does the same for nail polish! I love to experiment, and in doing so, I found some wonderful products in many different brands. Are you such a loyal customer to one brand that you never try others? Have you tried any of these Maybelline products? Sound off on your experiences.

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Grape vi@Michelle it's a grape smell, but when it's on it's a berry

Dream matte mousse foundation

Is grape vine on the pink or purply side?

Baby lips love it!!! And their whole mascara collection really and pot eyeliner

@Katherine, purply!

I love maybelline! My favourite drugstore brand after revlon. I have never had long lashes and with the stiletto mascara, I look like I've got falsies on! The fit me range is perfect for girls in their 20s , as it's really fresh and lasts all day. Baby lips are the perfect lip balm all year long and smells great.

Love Baby Lips!

Maybelline baby lips are the worst they dry your lips and the colors dont even last. Maybe glaze stick blush is the only product that pass my test

I mean @Katherine, sorry

Yes on the eyeliner!

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