Be a Friend to the Animals with These Cruelty Free Makeup Brands ...


Be a Friend to the Animals with These Cruelty Free Makeup Brands ...
Be a Friend to the Animals with These Cruelty Free Makeup Brands ...

If you're an animal lover ( and who isn't?), it's always a good idea to invest in cruelty-free makeup brands. But which brands are truly kind to kitties, and down with the doggies? Let's check and see if your fave lippie needs to go, or if it can (sit and) stay, bad pun totally intended.

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Too Faced

Hooray! You don't have to give up your Chocolate Bar palette or your Better than Sex mascara!


Urban Decay

You can also keep your Naked palettes with a clear conscience, though L'Oreal (the parent company of Urban Decay) still does test on animals... boo!



I use Buxom mascara every. single. day ... so hooray for cruelty-free lashes! However, parent company Shiseido is woefully NOT cruelty-free.



Not only is Tarte cruelty-free, it's also free of parabens, synthetic fragrance, petrochemicals, and other allergens and nasties.


Wet N Wild

Long a favorite drugstore brand, it's nice to know the widely-available and budget-friendly eyeshadows you love are cruelty-free, too.



While on the cheaper end of the cost spectrum, ELF doesn't skimp on be-kind-to-animal ethics, so they're cruelty-free. I must note, though, that some of their brushes do include animal hair.


Josie Maran

Talk about the total package: Josie Maran's products are cruelty-free and fair trade and organic and all-around awesome.



If you're hooked on your Lip Venom, rejoice, for it, like all other Duwop products, is indeed cruelty-free.



I do love my Orgasm (blush... really... that's what it's called), so I was happy to find that Nars is cruelty-free, too.

If your fave brand isn't on this list, no worries! It might still be totes cruelty-free. Here's a tool that lets you search...

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Nars is not cruelty free. Plus the company might advertise themselves as cruelty free but if they sell in China, they are definitely not cruelty free.

ColourPop Cosmetics are a great cruelty-free brand!

Is this article credible? I noticed naked from urban decay contains carmine, the color pigment from insects' blood

Someone did this exact topic a few days ago...

Tarts is really amazing !!! I started buying their products after learning it was free of parabens etc. It is definitely worth it

@lita cruelty free and vegan are two different things. Cruelty free can have animal product and animal byproduct, as long as it didn't die for cosmetics. A lot of cosmetic companies that use animal product (like carmine which comes from a beetle) so they don't go out and kill them. But people do collect dead ones and then sell it to the company for use in cosmetics. They have to legally say they didn't just go out and kill them, that their "catches" died from natural causes and they just collected the bodies.

chocolate palette naked concealer better than sex mascara just awesome

Nyx is a drugstore brand that is cruelty free! Love this article!

Hi Anna, I think you can buy Urban Decay at Sephora in France (webshop).

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