15 Benefits of Using Makeup Primer before You Apply Your Makeup ...


Perhaps you’ve been at the beauty counter before and have seen makeup primer, but aren’t really aware of all the benefits using a makeup primer. If that’s the case, more than likely, you’re not going to want to pay extra for an item you might not think you need. Quite honestly, until I worked for Estee Lauder, neither did I. Then, I got a free sample of makeup primer and I was hooked. Recently, I stopped using it and can really tell a difference in my skin, which brought me back to purchasing it again. Makeup primer is one item I will no longer go without, and if you’re wondering if there are really any benefits to using a makeup primer, I’d like to enlighten you: there are! Here are my top favorite reasons to use one, along with specific product recommendations.

1. Seals Pores

One of the main benefits of using a makeup primer is it seals your pores. I’ve never had large pores, but if you choose a liquid foundation, you already know that no matter how small your pores are, liquid foundation can make them more visible. Makeup primer takes care of all that by sealing pores and creating almost a blanket over them.

Softens Skin
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