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7 Fab Makeup Tricks for Black White Photos ...

By Heather

Black and white photos are incredible and look super chic, but do you know how to do makeup for black and white photos? It's so much different and something as simple as picking out a red shade over something neutral can make your look much darker than you may have intended. If you love black and white photos and want to know how to do makeup for black and white photos, take a look below! I've got all of the makeup tips that will make you look beautiful and vogue in your B&W photos!

1 Elegant Simplicity

With a black and white photo, you want things to be elegant, so you generally want to go with something simple – unless you are looking for dramatic. I always go with lighter shades and I always try to keep it elegant and simple. A classic look can really go a long way in black and white pictures! Remember, makeup for black and white photos is totally different than what you wear in colored photos, so picking simple yet elegant might be your best bet!

2 Darker Bronzer

Do you want your face to appear more sculpted and with more definition to it? Go with a bronzer, namely one that's a bit darker than you usually use! This will really stand out in the photos and it will look absolutely beautiful. Remember, it's black and white, so the color won't show up, meaning you can go a little bit darker with your bronzer than you probably normally would.

3 Vibrant or Dark Lipstick

Again, there aren't going to be any colors in the photo, so you wind up with widely varying shades of gray instead. That means, if you want your lips to stand out, you've got to make them a bit darker. Choosing a darker color or even a red shade will really make your lips appear a lot darker and more dramatic. If you want something more natural, go lighter!

4 No Foundation with SPF

Weird, right? In a lot of my other articles, I promote having foundation with SPF in it, but when it comes to black and white photos, you want something that doesn't reflect light. With foundations that have SPF in them, they reflect too much light and can actually make your face look shiny in all of the wrong ways. Ditch your typical foundation whenever you are heading in for a black and white shoot.

5 Matte Formula

Instead, go with something matte! Matte foundation is the best foundation in the world for black and white pictures! Not only does it look great, but your foundation will stay on longer and won't make you look shiny and unnatural. Trust me on this, matte is what I use in every one of my black and white photos!

6 Neutral Colored Eye Makeup

Unless you are looking for something super dramatic, make sure that your eye makeup is really neutral and that you are picking lighter colors. This will actually make your eyes stand out that much more in the black and white shot! Just a little eyeliner and some neutral colors should do it!

7 Know the Shades

Finally, remember all of the different colors that show up really dark in black and white photos and be aware of them. Purples, reds and blues are all colors that show up extremely dark – even black in a lot of the black and white photos. Just keep that in mind!

With hot little apps like Instagram, it's easy to snap a black and white photo (or filter one in!) and you want to make sure that you look good, right? These makeup tips for black and white photos work and will make you look beautiful! So, what other tips do you have? Give 'em up!

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