8 Tips on How to Find out Your Eye Shape ...


8 Tips on How to Find out Your Eye Shape ...
8 Tips on How to Find out Your Eye Shape ...

Learning how to find out your eye shape isn't exactly easy, especially if you have absolutely no idea how to do it. I had no idea how to find out what shape my eyes were, until I actually looked it up! If you've been dying to learn how to find out your eye shape so you can start using the makeup tricks that suit your shape, just keep reading!

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Look at Pictures

The very first tip about how to find out your eye shape that I have is to start to look at pictures. This means that you can just type 'almond shaped eyes' into Google images and you'll see just how many pictures come up. That way you'll be able to print out a few pictures of a couple different eyes shapes that might look exactly like your eyes!


Compare Your Eye Shape to Celebrities

You know how you can compare your face shape to celebrities to figure out exactly what you have? Well, you can do that with your eyes too! Lucy Lu has almond shaped eyes, so if you think that you might have almond eyes, why not check and see if her eyes compare to yours?


Keep Your Mirror Close

When you are comparing your eye shape, make sure that you keep a mirror close and that you look at the picture, then the mirror, and back again. You could also print out the picture and tape it to the mirror, so you can really see if your eye shape is exactly the same.


Keep Your Eyebrows in Mind

Your eyebrows matter too. Not necessarily about your complete eye shape, but you've got to consider how thin or thick your eyebrows are, that way you can balance them. To be honest, my eyebrows are a little on the medium side and I have upturned eyes, so I had to keep that in mind.


Close Set or Not?

Do you know if your eyes are close set or not? This is another way that you can find out your eye shape. Close set eyes can be any shape at all, but when you are looking for the makeup tips for your eyes, keep in mind how close set your eyes are.


Look up All of the Different Eye Shapes

What I did when I was trying to figure out exactly what my eye shape was look up a ton of different eye shapes. I typed in protruding eyes, close set, wide set, almond, round, oval – everything that I could think of! I then compared them all to my eyes. It's a great trick!


Wide Set or No?

Wide set eyes are also something that you'll need to think about when you're searching for your eye shape. Remember, you want to find makeup tips that work for your eye shape, but also keep in mind how wide set they are – for example, Brandi is one of the celebs that have wide set eyes, and she's amazingly beautiful!



Finally, your nose is last thing that you need to consider when you are looking at your eye shape and what makeup tricks will go with your eye shape. If you have a bigger nose or a smaller nose, it doesn't matter at all! You've just got to find the makeup tips that work for you!

So girls, these are all of my ways that you can find out exactly what your eye shape is! Do you have any other ways? Give me a shout in the comments!

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Do you have any ideas how to make nose thinner looking?please send

People say I have circled or standard eyes. I have dark arched eyebrows and they are on the medium side of bushy. And my nose is kind of point and rounded... Lol

Hehe. Round eyes, straight eyebrows and small mouth. Audrey Hepburn!

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