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8 Clever Makeup Tricks to Enhance Your Freckles ...

By Heather

You readers asked for it and now we have it: all the best ways to enhance your freckles! I’ve scoured through everything and looked for all of the top tips to enhance freckles that can really make those little drops of sunlight on your face shine and shimmer and I’ve got ‘em! I’ve got my top 8 clever enhancing freckle tips that not only work, but they will make your face look beautiful. So, all you freckle-lovers out there, take a look below at my top 8 ways to enhance your freckles!

1 Mineral Foundation Powder

When you’re really trying to let your freckles sing and your face shine, don’t use a whole lot of cover up. Why not use a little swipe of mineral foundation powder instead of something heavy? This is one of the best ways to enhance your freckles and let them shine through; it will totally let your face and skin look flawless and beautiful!

2 Tinted Moisturizers

If you are really looking for ways to enhance your freckles, you’ve got to ditch the heavy foundations and opt for something lighter – like a tinted moisturizer! Tinted moisturizer or even a BB cream are super light. They will actually make your freckles really stand out, while covering up!

3 Stay Away from Liquid Foundations

Remember how I said to ditch those heavy foundations? That includes anything liquid! Liquid foundations are designed to cover completely and not let anything peek through, so if you really want to enhance your freckles, you’ve got to get rid of the liquid foundation and instead, go with something lighter!

4 No Concealer

Now, I actually think that you can use just a little bit of the concealer. What I mean is that if you have a bunch of blemishes and acne scars, you don't want to skip covering those up. But, you don't want to conceal your freckles. Instead, just spot conceal, that way you can let your freckles shine through!

5 Pink-Based Blush

When you are choosing your blush and you are really looking for ways to enhance your freckles, think about using a pink-based blush! Just a little splash of pink along your cheeks can really make your cheeks stand out. It will also make your freckles appear that much more apparent!

6 Subtle Bronzer

When you're trying to enhance your freckles, using a bit of subtle bronzer along your cheekbones can go a long way! Defining your cheekbones with bronzer is super easy and it's a great makeup product that will highlight your freckles too! For me, just a little swipe under my cheekbone does the job perfectly!

7 No Glitter

Your freckles shimmer and shine on their own, so you don't need to add any glitter to highlight them. This trick is one that I learned when I was really trying to highlight my freckles – but found that I was taking away from them as soon as I put on my shimmering powder. Skip the shimmer, girls!

8 Pink Lipstick

Finally, the last tip to enhance your freckles all revolves around your lips! You can actually use some pink lipstick to really highlight and draw out the color of your freckles! Pinks and pinkish browns are a great way to draw out your freckles and really give them the spotlight to shine!

So all you freckled-faced girls out there, what other tricks do you use to enhance your freckles? Any makeup tips that I missed? Give 'em up in the comments!

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