7 Liberating Reasons for Going Make-up Free ...

By Naomi

7 Liberating Reasons for Going Make-up Free ...

Whoever thought that leaving a dead end relationship was liberating should try going Make-up Free. We all deserve to look and feel the best we possibly can but contrary to popular belief, there is far more to be said for going make-up free than wearing make-up. In fact, here are 7 liberating reasons why you should dare to go bare...

1 Free Your Face

How many times have you rubbed foundation across your face or pulled at your eyes whilst applying your eye-liner? All that pulling and tugging will slowly be stretching your skin and making you look older before your time. Feel liberated knowing that in choosing to go make-up free you are no longer speeding up the ageing process.

2 You Heard It Here

The answer to healthy, beautiful skin is far simpler then any YouTube make-up tutorial. According to Eve Lom, the world’s most renowned beauty guru, skin health is ‘‘all down to oxygen, water and food.’’ Make-up doesn't make beautiful skin, a healthy lifestyle does.

"Beauty is individual and unique, just like the stunning pair of amber eyes that you have. Embrace them! You should know that there are numerous ways to emphasize their enchanting color. Check out these fabulous makeup ideas to truly let your amber eyes shine and mesmerize whoever looks into them."

3 She’s a Light Weight

A seemingly trivial, yet ridiculously liberating side effect of going make-up free is the amount of space you reclaim back in your handbag. How many times have you prayed your make-up bag wouldn't break as you squeezed it shut? How often have you ploughed through the pile of make-up products in order to find your phone, keys or cash?

4 Make-up Your Mind

Next time you are painting your naturally beautiful face, think of the likes of Bambi, Thumper, Puss in Boots and even Donkey for that matter (okay maybe not quite, but you get the point). That’s right, our furry little friends are often tested to see if make-up is okay to use on our faces. Go make-up free and free your conscience knowing that you are not helping fund animal cruelty.

5 Let’s Be Honest

In a study conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital, where participants were asked to rate various looks in terms of competence, likeability, attractiveness and trustworthiness, results showed that the images of women with make-up on compared to those who were make-up free, were seen as less trustworthy.

6 Slippery Slope

What happens when wrinkles, crow’s feet and laugh lines are as familiar as our favourite bingo hall? Free yourself from make-up now because if we can’t accept our reflections in their ‘better years’ gosh knows how we’ll feel when we really have something to complain about.

7 Mark Darcy Moment

Go make-up free because everyone deserves their own Mark Darcy, which is, someone who says to you ‘I like you just the way you are.’ You be that someone. For all the magazines, commercials and annoying billboards that tell us who we are isn't quite as good as who they could make us into, by choosing to go make-up free you are accepting who you are as you are. Now ain't that sweet!

Most girls love a bit of lippy and there is no denying that at times, wearing make-up can be fun and help make you feel good. But it’s important that we don’t rely on make-up in order to accept the reflection staring back at us. What’s your deal with make-up? Take it or leave it? Never go without it? Any tips to going au natural?

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I personally play the no make up look really often it's my way. Every once in a while when I do wear it it's fun and refreshing to throw some color and super long eyelashes in there(fake lashes)! When ever I do wear make up it is either super dramatic and adds to my outfit or it is literally an accessory. Usually when I wear red lip stick it's with a black dress and red shoes the perfect combo; without those lips it'd be to blah anyway!!

Hell yeah! What an amazing article that doesn't have to do with diets, make-up, or men!

Number 4 is hard to understand.

I actually LOVE the sentiment of this article, though I'll admit that the only time I ever go 100% makeup free is if I'm staying around home for the day. This is mostly because I have LOTS of acne scarring from my teen years and some (small) active breakouts, as well. So I feel like foundation is a bit of a must for me personally, so that my skin is not a distraction from my personality. That said, I do frequently go out with nothing but foundation on :)



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