7 Helpful Tips on How to Wear Metallic Makeup ...


7 Helpful Tips on How to Wear Metallic Makeup ...
7 Helpful Tips on How to Wear Metallic Makeup ...

How to wear metallic makeup might be more relevant than ever, with this beauty trend taking centre stage right now. All things futuristic and metallic seem to be in fashion and makeup is a fun way to incorporate this trend into your look. Whether it’s a holographic silver embellishment or a subtle gold shadow, there are plenty of different ways for you to rock metallic makeup. The main focus this season seems too be on eye makeup, so the following few tips will cover how to wear metallic makeup in this fashion.

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Day Vs. Night

When it comes to how to wear metallic makeup, there are two very different ways for you to pull off this look. Daytime makeup calls for something a bit more subtle and subdued while night time makeup can be the perfect opportunity to be bold and daring. During the day, stick to shimmery powders or subtle liners and at night be more daring with creamy shadows and chrome touches.


Wear Primer

If you’re applying a metallic shadow or liner, apply some primer or a creamy shadow beforehand. This will help create a base for the metallic pigments to stick to. When applied to bare skin, most metallic beauty products tend to melt and fade into the skin but when applied on a creamy base they have the potential to stand out much more easily.


Blend It in

With most metallic makeup looks, it pays to blend it in. If you’re going for a subtle metallic eye, then be sure to blend in your shadow. Wear a few different complementary shades and blend in for a flattering look. If you’re after a more subtle approach, use the metallic pigments as more of a highlighter rather than a statement look.


Add Colour

Metallic colours can sometimes be harsh against the skin and make you look washed out. Warm up your face and add some dimension by lightly adding colour to your cheeks or by donning a coloured lip. Gold metallics look great with peachy tones and darker plum colours while silvers look great with punchy red-orange tones hues.


Go Easy on the Glitter

If you’re going to reach for glitter products, use them sparingly. Try a glitter eyeliner instead of an all over glittered lid. While it may look OK on the runways, it doesn’t always translate into real life. A glitter liner is a fun way of incorporating this metallic trend into your beauty look.


On Your Lips

OK, so metallic lips might seem like a bit of a faux pas, but you can make it look modern and on-trend! Instead of a frightening chrome lip, try blending in metallic pigments from the centre of your lip with a darker lip colour to create a sort of ombré lip.


One at a Time

Avoid anything too over the top by only wearing one metallic beauty look at a time. For example, if your eyes are heavily metallic, keep your lips creamy and the rest of your face free from shimmer. If your lips are a bit shimmery, then work a matte or clean eyelid. Keep the metallic focus on one area at a time.

These are just a few tips that will hopefully make the idea of wearing metallic makeup much less daunting. What do you think of the metallic makeup trend? Do you have any tips for wearing metallic makeup?

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