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19 Wonderful Makeup Tips for Indian Skin Tones ...

By Heather

Learning all of the makeup tips for Indian skin tones can be so hard! There are so many different skin tones out there and so many different makeup tips. I've scoured everywhere to compile a list of the top tips for Indian skin tones that will make your skin pop and make you look beautiful! If you've got an Indian skin tone and are looking for the perfect makeup tips for you, take a look below, girls!

1 Don't over Clean

Firstly, you've got to make sure that your canvas isn't overly clean. You want your face to be clean, but remember, keep it all gentle. Indian skin is very sensitive and you want to be sure that your makeup looks as flawless as possible. That starts with your skin! So girls, my first makeup tip for Indian skin tones is all about cleaning and not being too rough at all!

2 Know Your Skin Shade

This makeup tip for Indian skin tones could actually be for any skin tone – know your shade! When you are choosing the right foundation, the right primer, the right concealer – just know what type of skin color you have! You never want to get a foundation that is too light or too dark, you want one that matches your color flawlessly. So compare, contrast and find out what shade works best for you!

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3 Conceal Blemishes

Learning how to conceal your blemishes with concealer and a bit of foundation is very important when you are learning the ins and outs of makeup tips for your Indian skin. You want to buff and powder away any imperfections that you might have on your skin. That way your makeup can shine and look beautiful!

4 Match Your Foundation

Remember the part where I mentioned knowing your skin shade? That goes for your foundation too! Whether you are looking to just cover everything up or you want to highlight (which means you are using a shade lighter than your actual skin shade), you want to match your foundation!

5 Browns, Reds & Pinks

These are all colors that look absolutely beautiful with your skin, girls. Truthfully, it's hard for a lot of people to actually pull off red, but Indian skin tones look beautiful with a splash of red along your lips or even along your eyes! These colors are great to experiment with a little, so you can find what makeup tips work for you!

6 Darker Eyeliners

Dark browns, deep blacks and dusky navy colors all work beautifully with your skin tone and can actually bring out your eyes! For me, I love Indian women that go with deep black eyeliner around their eyes. This makeup tip is great for the daring girls!

7 Dusky Peach Blush

Even when you have an Indian skin tone, you still want to make sure that your skin is flawless and that you have a summer glow to it. That's where the blush comes in! This makeup tip for Indian skin tones all boils down to what your coloring is. Dusky peach colors will really brighten up your face beautifully!

8 Be Careful with Powder

Be careful with the powder! Powder can make your skin seem cakey if you use too much, so make sure that you don't use a whole lot. Just use it to buff away imperfections and cover up any shine that you have!

9 Match to Eyes or Hair

When you're choosing eye shadow, you should try to pick a color that is similar to your hair or eye color. The best shades are taupes, bronzes, and mauves. Of course, you can always try to do something a bit more bold, but don't go too crazy.

10 Avoid Glitter

For some reason, glitter doesn't go the greatest with Indian skin. If you're going to use products with glitter in them, make sure that they are subtle, because it's easy to go overboard.

11 Avoid White

White eyeshadow doesn't look good on Indian skin, so avoid it at all costs. You wouldn't want to wear a color that doesn't compliment your beautiful skin, so stick to darker colors or even golds. They'll make you look gorgeous.

12 Try Two-Toned

Two-toned eye make-up can look absolutely amazing on Indian skin. Try using one color in varying shades in order to create the most amazing look possible. It might take a bit of practice, but you'll eventually get it right.

13 Groom Your Brows

Never forget about the importance of your eyebrows. You need to tweeze or thread them if you want them to stay neat. If you aren't interested in plucking them, you should at least get a gel that's meant to smooth them down and keep them in place.

14 Dark Colored Nails

We can't forget about nail polish! You should use dark colors on your nails like black or a deep green. They'll look better than any light pink or yellow colors would.

15 Apply Primer

Before you put on your fabulous eye shadow, make sure that you first apply primer. That way, your shadow will stick better and last longer. You wouldn't want your look to be ruined after a few short hours.

16 Use Bronzer

If you have really dark skin, you might want to use bronzer in place of blush. You don't need blush in order to look fabulous, so it's a step that you might just need to skip. You'll be thankful that you did.

17 Careful with Your Lips

If you have thick lips, use lip gloss. If you have thin lips, use a limp plumper instead. It'll give you the fuller lips that you've always dreamed of.

18 Cure Puffy Eyes

It's important to get enough sleep so that your eyes don't appear too puffy. If they do, have no fear! You can place chamomile tea bags over your eyes to make the puffiness decrease.

19 Importance of Moderation

You don't want a certain area of your face to stand out more than any other spot. You want your eyes to look just as gorgeous as your lips. That means that you can't go overboard with lipstick, eye shadow, or mascara. Use all of your products in moderation.

So girls, there you have it! All of my makeup tips for Indian skin tones! Do you have any other makeup tips to share? Comment below!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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