19 Wonderful Makeup Tips for Indian Skin Tones ...


19 Wonderful Makeup Tips for Indian Skin Tones ...
19 Wonderful Makeup Tips for Indian Skin Tones ...

Learning all of the makeup tips for Indian skin tones can be so hard! There are so many different skin tones out there and so many different makeup tips. I've scoured everywhere to compile a list of the top tips for Indian skin tones that will make your skin pop and make you look beautiful! If you've got an Indian skin tone and are looking for the perfect makeup tips for you, take a look below, girls!

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Don't over Clean

Firstly, you've got to make sure that your canvas isn't overly clean. You want your face to be clean, but remember, keep it all gentle. Indian skin is very sensitive and you want to be sure that your makeup looks as flawless as possible. That starts with your skin! So girls, my first makeup tip for Indian skin tones is all about cleaning and not being too rough at all!


Know Your Skin Shade

This makeup tip for Indian skin tones could actually be for any skin tone – know your shade! When you are choosing the right foundation, the right primer, the right concealer – just know what type of skin color you have! You never want to get a foundation that is too light or too dark, you want one that matches your color flawlessly. So compare, contrast and find out what shade works best for you!


Knowing your skin shade is essential when choosing the right makeup products for Indian skin tones. When selecting a foundation, primer, or concealer, it is important to find one that matches your skin color perfectly. If the shade is too light or too dark, it can make your makeup look unnatural. To ensure the best results, compare and contrast different shades to find the one that works best for you. Additionally, it is important to select makeup products that are specifically formulated for Indian skin tones, as these will provide the best coverage and color.


Conceal Blemishes

Learning how to conceal your blemishes with concealer and a bit of foundation is very important when you are learning the ins and outs of makeup tips for your Indian skin. You want to buff and powder away any imperfections that you might have on your skin. That way your makeup can shine and look beautiful!


Concealing blemishes is an important part of applying makeup for Indian skin tones. It helps to create a smooth and even complexion. To do this, you should use a concealer that is slightly lighter than your natural skin tone and blend it in with a foundation that matches your skin. After this, you can use a setting powder to further blend the product and give your skin a flawless finish. When applied correctly, concealer can help to cover up any blemishes and give you a naturally beautiful look.


Match Your Foundation

Remember the part where I mentioned knowing your skin shade? That goes for your foundation too! Whether you are looking to just cover everything up or you want to highlight (which means you are using a shade lighter than your actual skin shade), you want to match your foundation!


Browns, Reds & Pinks

These are all colors that look absolutely beautiful with your skin, girls. Truthfully, it's hard for a lot of people to actually pull off red, but Indian skin tones look beautiful with a splash of red along your lips or even along your eyes! These colors are great to experiment with a little, so you can find what makeup tips work for you!


When it comes to makeup, Indian skin tones have a unique beauty that can be further emphasized with the right colors. Browns, reds, and pinks are all wonderful colors for Indian skin tones. Browns can be used to give a natural, subtle look, while reds can be used to make a bold statement. Pinks are a great way to add a touch of femininity and romance.

When it comes to reds, it can be difficult for some people to pull off the color. However, Indian skin tones look beautiful with a hint of red along the lips or even around the eyes. Reds can be used to create a dramatic look when applied correctly, so it is important to experiment with different shades and techniques to find the one that works best for you.

Pinks are perfect for creating a soft, romantic look. From light pinks to bright fuchsias, there are a variety of shades to choose from. Adding a little pink to the eyes or lips can be a great way to add a touch of femininity to any look.


Darker Eyeliners

Dark browns, deep blacks and dusky navy colors all work beautifully with your skin tone and can actually bring out your eyes! For me, I love Indian women that go with deep black eyeliner around their eyes. This makeup tip is great for the daring girls!


Darker eyeliners are a great way to bring out the beauty of Indian skin tones and bring attention to the eyes. Black eyeliner is a classic look that many Indian women choose to wear, as it is a bold and striking look. Brown eyeliners are also a great choice, as they provide a softer look, while still emphasizing the eyes. Navy colors are also a great choice for those who want to make a statement with their makeup.

Darker eyeliners are a great way to add definition to the eyes, as well as to create a more dramatic look. When applying eyeliner, it is important to use a light hand and take your time. Start by lining the upper lid, then move to the lower lid, and blend the lines together. For a more dramatic look, you can use a thicker line on the upper lid and a thinner line on the lower lid.

Darker eyeliners can also be used to create a smoky eye look. Start by applying a dark eyeliner all around the eyes, then use a brush to blend the liner and create a smoky effect. Add a bit of eyeshadow to the outer corners of the eyes to complete the look.


Dusky Peach Blush

Even when you have an Indian skin tone, you still want to make sure that your skin is flawless and that you have a summer glow to it. That's where the blush comes in! This makeup tip for Indian skin tones all boils down to what your coloring is. Dusky peach colors will really brighten up your face beautifully!


Choosing the right shade of blush is crucial for enhancing your Indian complexion. For duskier skin tones, a peach blush with a subtle hint of gold can work wonders in highlighting your cheekbones and bringing a warm radiance to your face. Sweep it lightly across the apples of your cheeks for a natural, sun-kissed look. Remember, less is more – a gentle flush of color is all you need to achieve that effortless summer glow. Always blend outwards for a seamless finish that melds with your natural skin tone.


Be Careful with Powder

Be careful with the powder! Powder can make your skin seem cakey if you use too much, so make sure that you don't use a whole lot. Just use it to buff away imperfections and cover up any shine that you have!


When applying powder, especially on Indian skin where the weather can make your skin oily, it's essential to select a shade that matches your skin tone perfectly. Translucent powders are a great option as they avoid the heaviness of pigmented formulas. To achieve that flawless matte finish, apply with a light hand using a fluffy brush. This approach allows you to set your makeup without adding weight. Focus particularly on the T-zone, which tends to get greasy throughout the day. Remember, a little goes a long way to maintaining that gorgeous, natural look.


Match to Eyes or Hair

When you're choosing eye shadow, you should try to pick a color that is similar to your hair or eye color. The best shades are taupes, bronzes, and mauves. Of course, you can always try to do something a bit more bold, but don't go too crazy.


Having a harmonious look is key, and selecting eye shadows that compliment your natural beauty can enhance your features subtly and beautifully. For instance, if you have warm undertones and brown eyes, consider eyeshadows with hints of golden or warm brown. Individuals with black or dark brown hair might find rich plums or chocolate browns to be exceptionally flattering. For a safe yet stunning effect, those with green or blue eyes could go for rose gold or soft rust shades that make their eye color pop without overwhelming their natural skin tone.


Avoid Glitter

For some reason, glitter doesn't go the greatest with Indian skin. If you're going to use products with glitter in them, make sure that they are subtle, because it's easy to go overboard.


Glitter can be a tricky thing to work with when it comes to Indian skin tones. Not only can it be hard to find the right shade of glitter to match your skin, but it can also be easy to go overboard and end up looking like a disco ball. To avoid this, use glitter sparingly and opt for subtle shades that will enhance your look without overpowering it. Make sure to use a setting spray to ensure that your glitter stays in place all day. Lastly, it can be helpful to use a primer before applying glitter to help the glitter adhere better and last longer.


Avoid White

White eyeshadow doesn't look good on Indian skin, so avoid it at all costs. You wouldn't want to wear a color that doesn't compliment your beautiful skin, so stick to darker colors or even golds. They'll make you look gorgeous.


Try Two-Toned

Two-toned eye make-up can look absolutely amazing on Indian skin. Try using one color in varying shades in order to create the most amazing look possible. It might take a bit of practice, but you'll eventually get it right.


Two-toned eye makeup is a great way to add depth and dimension to your look. Start by choosing two complementary colors, such as a warm brown and a cool blue. Then, use the lighter shade as a base and apply the darker shade to the crease and outer corner of the eye. Blend the colors together for a seamless look. To add extra drama, try using a shimmery shade in the center of the lid. With practice, you'll be able to create stunning two-toned makeup looks that are perfect for Indian skin tones.


Groom Your Brows

Never forget about the importance of your eyebrows. You need to tweeze or thread them if you want them to stay neat. If you aren't interested in plucking them, you should at least get a gel that's meant to smooth them down and keep them in place.


Dark Colored Nails

We can't forget about nail polish! You should use dark colors on your nails like black or a deep green. They'll look better than any light pink or yellow colors would.


Dark colored nails are the perfect way to complete any makeup look for Indian skin tones. Dark colors like black and deep green will make your nails stand out and look more stylish. To make the color last longer, make sure to use a base coat and a top coat. Additionally, use a cuticle oil to keep your nails and cuticles moisturized. Lastly, to ensure the polish lasts longer, make sure to apply two coats of polish and let it dry completely before applying a top coat. With these tips, your dark colored nails will be sure to look amazing!


Apply Primer

Before you put on your fabulous eye shadow, make sure that you first apply primer. That way, your shadow will stick better and last longer. You wouldn't want your look to be ruined after a few short hours.


Use Bronzer

If you have really dark skin, you might want to use bronzer in place of blush. You don't need blush in order to look fabulous, so it's a step that you might just need to skip. You'll be thankful that you did.


Careful with Your Lips

If you have thick lips, use lip gloss. If you have thin lips, use a limp plumper instead. It'll give you the fuller lips that you've always dreamed of.


Lip makeup is an important part of any makeup routine, and it can be difficult to know which products and techniques to use to get the best results. For Indian skin tones, it is important to find the right balance between emphasizing the lips and making them look natural.

For those with thick lips, lip gloss is the best choice. It will add a subtle shine, while also making the lips look fuller without being too overpowering. For those with thin lips, a lip plumper is a great way to add volume and definition. The plumper should be applied evenly across the lips, and it will give you the fuller look that you desire.

When applying any lip makeup, it is important to use a lip brush to ensure that the product is applied evenly. This will also help to blend the product into the natural lip line, making the look more natural. Additionally, it is important to use a lip balm to keep the lips hydrated and prevent the product from drying them out.


Cure Puffy Eyes

It's important to get enough sleep so that your eyes don't appear too puffy. If they do, have no fear! You can place chamomile tea bags over your eyes to make the puffiness decrease.


Importance of Moderation

You don't want a certain area of your face to stand out more than any other spot. You want your eyes to look just as gorgeous as your lips. That means that you can't go overboard with lipstick, eye shadow, or mascara. Use all of your products in moderation.

So girls, there you have it! All of my makeup tips for Indian skin tones! Do you have any other makeup tips to share? Comment below!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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I have medium brown skin and I never tired to whiten it with stupid whitening cream like other girls becuz I realised that I should be proud of what I have and I should be proud of my heritage.

Hello, I found this post really helpful but btw I am Indian and I also found it very offensive. My sisters and I have completely different skin types. It's like writing a post on tips for African American skin, or Caucasian skin, doesn't make any sense right? Every human being has different type of skin, no matter the race. Races don't share skin types. Just thought I should speak up..


I Indian and Pakistani girls with dark skin should be proud of it and they should stop trying to whiten it. They should love their natural colour. Btw I am both Indian and Pakistani.

Thank you for your post. I have indian origins and my skin is brown (although not dark - so I always follow the latina type make up tips which is pretty much my skin tone!). Nevertheless I've been looking for ages for a post on make up tips for indian skin tones, and finally here it is :) all the best!

The girl in the picture is not Indian, she is Pakistani :)

+annon she is not Pakistani , she is Kashmiri. I know because I live in kashmir( Indian) and so does she....

Plus, I would just add: find a good covering concealer for your under eye circles. Indian skins tend to have dark circles. I have a pretty good one!

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