7 Fab Ways to Apply Colored Eyeliner ...


Colored liner is all the rave right now girls! That means that you've got to learn all of the different ways to apply colored eyeliner and to really make it sparkle and shine! If you're completely at a loss of how to apply colored eyeliner, you've got to see all of my tips below! I'm going to explore all of the ways to apply colored eyeliner and how to rock it out! So girls, you ready? I am!

1. Blend in Eye Primer

Whenever you are looking to put on any eye makeup, the first step is priming! We all want the base of our skin to look beautiful right? We all want our skin to sing and our eyeliner to stay put right? Well, putting on a dab of primer before you put on any eye makeup is a great way to make sure that your eyeliner stays put and holds the color!

Choose Your Shade
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