7 Fab Ways to Apply Colored Eyeliner ...


7 Fab Ways to Apply Colored Eyeliner ...
7 Fab Ways to Apply Colored Eyeliner ...

Colored liner is all the rave right now girls! That means that you've got to learn all of the different ways to apply colored eyeliner and to really make it sparkle and shine! If you're completely at a loss of how to apply colored eyeliner, you've got to see all of my tips below! I'm going to explore all of the ways to apply colored eyeliner and how to rock it out! So girls, you ready? I am!

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Blend in Eye Primer

Whenever you are looking to put on any eye makeup, the first step is priming! We all want the base of our skin to look beautiful right? We all want our skin to sing and our eyeliner to stay put right? Well, putting on a dab of primer before you put on any eye makeup is a great way to make sure that your eyeliner stays put and holds the color!


Choose Your Shade

So, what color are you going to go with! There are tons of things that you're going to want to consider when you are looking at colored liner as an option. For me, because my eyes are green, I always open a plum color. You also want to take your skin color into account and find something that is suitable!


Get a Color That Compliments Your Eye-Color

When you are choosing the shade, you want to make sure that you are taking not just your skin color, but also your eye color into account! Plums work great for my eyes, but what about your eyes girls? Who knows, maybe an electric green or even a deep mauve pink can make your eyes sing! This is totally one of the ways to apply colored eyeliner that is my favorite!


Rim Your Eyes

When you are dealing with colored liner, one of the tips that I have is to make sure that you are rimming your eyes completely. You want to do this because you want to make sure that the liner really stands out and really makes your eyes pop. When I wear my violet or plum liner, I make sure to line my top and bottom lid and make it a little thicker.


Downplay Your Other Features

Colored liner can be really extravagant, so girls, downplay the rest of your face and really let your eyes sparkle! Go with some nude lipstick, maybe some light blush and even go light on the powder and foundation. Really let your eyes do all of the talking and the rest of your features look beautiful, but not be quite as bold!


Let Your Eyes Pop

Why stop at just colored liner? There are tons of different things that you can do when you are just letting your eyes pop! Why not try colored liner with a bit of smoky eye of different colors? This can really be a great idea for date night or even just a night out with the girls!


Translucent Powder

Finally girls, make sure that your skin looks perfect, but not over-done. That's exactly what translucent powder can do for you! Not only will this particular powder wipe away any shine that you have, but it'll make sure that all of the flaws your skin has are buffed away!

So girls, what other ways to apply colored eyeliner do you have? Any that I haven't listed? What are some of your favorite colored liners?

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