8 Concealer Tricks to Hide Dark Circles ...


8 Concealer Tricks to Hide Dark Circles ...
8 Concealer Tricks to Hide Dark Circles ...

Dark circles are one some of the hardest things to cover in the world – but did you know that there are tricks to hide dark circles that a lot of people don't know about? Sometimes, when I don't sleep enough, I get these deep, dark bruises under my eyes and it's a pain to find all of the right application tips to hide dark circles that make me appear more awake than I actually am. If you girls have the same problem as me, I've got all of the makeup tricks to hide those pesky dark circles! Take a look below!

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Prime It up

Firstly, you've always got to make sure that you are priming your eyes. This will not only make sure that the concealer holds better, but it will also ensure that the concealer stays put all day! This trick to hide dark circles has saved me on those long office days! I put a dab under each eye, rub it in and then use my concealer!


Shadow, Liner & Mascara First

It might seem a little bit backwards to put all of your eye makeup on first, right? This makeup trick actually makes sense though, that way you can cover up any of the mascara or eyeliner flaws that might have occurred during application! So put all of your eye makeup on first and then slip on your concealer!


Get the Right Shade

The right shade of concealer is very, very important, girls! You don't want to get a concealer that isn't going to work with your skin tone and that could look bad! So make sure that you take a look at a bunch of different concealers and find one that will look great on your skin!


Blend Away Dark Circles

One of the best makeup tricks to hide all of the dark circles that you have is to make sure that you are blending. Truthfully, this is the key to hiding your dark circles. You want to blend away the dark and replace it with skin that looks perfect and alert! So girls, blend away!


Find Your Texture

With all of the new trends out there, there are a ton of different concealers out there too! Whether you opt for the fluffy lightweight concealer or you go with a cream, there are a lot of different textures to take into account. So, which texture is your favorite? Mine is cream, I find that it works best!


Spread Concealer to Your Nose

Another makeup trick to hide dark circles is all about spreading the concealer all the way to your nose, that way you really get all of the darkness away. I use this trick when I've had a really bad night of sleep and then I buff away all of the darkness. It makes me look alert and wide awake!



When you are really working on learning tricks to hide dark circles, your highlighter will be your BFF! Highlighting all of the features of your face, especially under your eyes, is a great way to really get rid of those dark circles. Proper highlighting makes your eyes appear super alert and totally awake!


Use a Brush

I know that a lot of the top makeup artists use their fingers to put on concealer, but one of the makeup tricks that I've learned is to stop doing it with my fingers and invest in a concealer brush! The brush can honestly make all of the difference in the world and it makes blending super easy! Give it a try, girls!

So girls, what other makeup tricks do you use? Any that I've listed here? What tricks to hide dark circles do you use? Give us a shout out in the comments below, girls!

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I naturally have dark circles and been looking for many different, inexpensive ways to cover them up

Love the tips! I just have a few questions if you don't mind! What concealer shade should I get? I have fair skin. Do I get a shade that's darker or lighter than my skin tone?

Please do an article for dark spots and how to remove them... Thank you

@Sabrina Rose, OMG so do I and I HATE it. people say I look asif im on drugs or the walkimg dead

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